Dispatch Chooses The 8 K-Pop Idols Who Have Eyes That Shine The Most

Dispatch Chooses The 8 K-Pop Idols Who Have Eyes That Shine The Most

They are like stars!

Throughout the year, Dispatch has been releasing their picks for some of the best visuals in K-Pop! Recently, they released a list on their Instagram looking at some of the idols they think have eyes that shine the most!

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Here’s a look at the eight idols that made their list. See if any of your picks made the cut!

1. V (BTS)

There is no denying that when you see V, his eyes are among the first things that stand out. His eyes manage to sparkle wherever he goes, whether during an interview or under the bright lights on stage. Plastic surgeons also praised V’s eyes, saying, “they cannot be replicated by surgery.”

2. Jeonghan (SEVENTEEN)

There is no denying that SEVENTEEN’s lead vocalist and visual Jeonghan has eyes that shine! With their wide and cat-like shape, it is impossible not to notice just how bright and sparkling they are, especially when he gives fans an award-winning smile.

3. Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO)

It seems as if there isn’t a part of Eunwoo’s that isn’t flawless, and his eyes are no exception. For many fans, his eyes are bold and fierce, standing out wherever he goes. However, they are also soft and inviting, making his whole face light up and radiate warmth.

4. Tzuyu (TWICE)

Fans have constantly praised TWICE’s maknae Tyuzu for her almond-shaped eyes. There is no denying that Tzuyu’s visuals are already flawless, but her eyes are mesmerizing and can brighten up the stage.

5. Yuna (ITZY)

With her big, bold eyes, fans have noticed Yuna’s eyes from the moment she debuted in ITZY. With her dazzling visuals and cheerful expressions, her eyes seem warm and inviting, making her stand out in any room.

6. Binnie (Oh My Girl)

Binnie from Oh My Girl is another female idol who is known for her large and sparkling eyes. Whenever she smiles, fans feel like her eyes light up even more and spread happiness to everyone she is with.

7. Chanyeol (EXO)

For many fans, EXO’s Chanyeol has some of the most beautiful eyes in K-Pop. They are big, bright, and have a shape that can portray both innocence and power when he is on stage. It is the uniqueness of the shape that makes them so inviting and one of his best features.

8. Park Jihoon

Considering the members of WANNA ONE once voted Park Jihoon as the sexiest member of their group for his eyes, is it any surprise that he made the list? With a shape that resembles a perfect leaf, fans have compared them to jewels that ooze sexiness on stage.