7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss “EXO’s Travel The World On A Ladder” Season 4

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss “EXO’s Travel The World On A Ladder” Season 4

EXO is back! After almost four years of hiatus as a full group

EXO is back! After almost four years of hiatus as a full group, EXO made a successful comeback with their 7th studio album “EXIST” to celebrate their 11th anniversary since their debut. One of the best things about their comeback was definitely being able to watch them perform on different music shows. However, for all the fans who can’t get enough of them, EXO prepared a new season of their wonderful reality show “EXO’s Travel the World on a Ladder.” If you are still wondering whether or not to watch this season, here are some of the reasons why you won’t want to miss it for the world.

1. Fantastic scenery

This new season of “EXO’s Travel the World on a Ladder in Goeje&Tongyeong” takes place in none other than the two coastal cities Geoje and Tongyeong. In this 12-episode reality show the EXO members will explore beautiful scenery that these two cities provide. From a botanic garden to their most popular restaurants, the coastal areas also give them the opportunity to enjoy the summer weather and enhance all of this group’s amazing skills.

2. Super fun games

Whether it is a physical competition or a challenge of wits, every episode contains a variety of games that bring all the fun to this new season of EXO’s reality show. One of the best moments is seeing them facing once again the ladder game that defines their destiny, from the teams they make to their room arrangements to even the future missions they have to accomplish throughout the night. Can they overcome the struggles they’ll face, or will they definitely sink on the fresh waters of the ocean? You will have to watch all 12 episodes to find out!

3. Intense battles

Something you can definitely look forward to in this season is the peak competitiveness from all the members, which has been enhanced after their hiatus and turn every game into fierce battles between the two teams that form this time. Along their three-day journey, you’ll see them forming different teams, something that will portray their own dynamics and personalities. Which team will you be rooting for? Team EX or Team XO? Choose your fighter, and enjoy every game with them!

4. Several plot twists

What could seem as a normal competition between group members turns into a fight of wits and plotting when EXO is involved. Soon enough, you will realize that behind an innocent face could be the EXO-man, a figure that tries to sabotage the efforts of his own team. The EXO-man gives the spiciness that this season needs, and although there are some clues as to who the mysterious man is, you will still enjoy seeing the seven members trying to find out who the spy is among them.

5. Unending teasing

One of the many charming traits EXO has is that they enjoy teasing each other endlessly. Whether the younger members mock the older ones for their goofiness or they pick on one of the youngest, they always find something to laugh at as they know everyone is there for the fun. But make no mistake, although they all are really big teasers, their brotherhood and good spirits remain all the same.

6. Laughter and more laughter

In this season, it’s clear that the EXO members have decided not only to enjoy themselves but to also make sure all of their fans have a good laugh as well. You will surely find yourself laughing out of your seat as you see them running, jumping, cracking jokes, and even coming up with poems to get a bite of some yummy desserts. If you want to relax and have fun with these seven idols, you have found the right show.

7. The best friendships

After all these years, EXO has created a family of their own, and that is exactly what you will see right away in this new season. Their undeniable chemistry, constant antics, and cheerful interactions make this show a complete present for all the EXO-Ls who have been patiently waiting for their comeback. Hopefully this season will be one of the many more upcoming shows where we get to see this group’s perfect synergy and endearing friendship.