7 K-Pop Scandals That ‘Tainted’ A Group’s Comeback

7 K-Pop Scandals That ‘Tainted’ A Group’s Comeback

Their promotions were negatively affected.

Some of the worst scandals that have hit K-Pop are the ones that delay a comeback or “taint” it in some way. With fans leaving the fandom or some feeling disappointed, the group’s comeback may not have been their strongest. Whether the scandal was legitimate or not, it still hurt the ones involved.

Check them out below.

1. T-ARA – “Day by Day”

Starting the list with one of the biggest scandals in K-Pop, T-ARA‘s comeback with “Day by Day” received bad press after member Hwayoung claimed that she was bullied by the other members.

This would be Hwayoung’s last comeback with the group, and later on T-ARA members claimed they were innocent despite the negative press.

2. Super Junior – “Black Suit”

Super Junior‘s November 2017 comeback, “Black Suit”, had member Siwon sitting out of promotions.

Just a month before “Black Suit” dropped, the French bulldog of Siwon’s family, Bugsy, bit a neighbor and caused her death.

Siwon apologized as a result of the scandal and sat out of the promotions for their Play album.

I apologize to the affected family members who have been in great shock and sorrow. I’m so sorry to hear about the situation with my family dog which has caused the passing of the victim. I sincerely express my condolences to the deceased and the bereaved families.

— Siwon

3. AB6IX – “The Answer”

The most recent scandal on this list, AB6IX‘s leader Youngmin left the group after his drunk driving incident on May 31, 2020.

This pushed back the group’s comeback for “The Answer” until late June, and the members re-recorded the album. Youngmin posted an apology to everyone affected.

I’m deeply ashamed that the members who practiced hard for this comeback as well as the staff who worked hard have been harmed because of my foolish and irresponsible mistake…

I’m fully aware of the mistake I made, and I’m deeply regretting it and reflecting upon my actions. I will accept all of the blame regarding my irreversible actions with my head down and reflect upon it as I continue to live on.

— Youngmin

4. MONSTA X – “Follow”

MONSTA X was in the middle of “Follow” promotions when Wonho was embroiled in marijuana allegations. He left the group soon after, with his members continuing their performances despite the scandal.

I want to take this time to sincerely apologize to fans that have stood by me and supported me all this time. Please continue to support MONSTA X. The members have nothing to with any of the claims made. I hope that everyone can please support and encourage our members. Our members are great people, and my problems should not hurt them.

— Wonho

Wonho was eventually cleared of all drug charges against him.

5. PENTAGON – “Naughty Boy”

PENTAGON‘s “Naughty Boy” was considered “overshadowed” by HyunA and DAWN‘s dating news.

HyunA and DAWN’s relationship was revealed in August 2018 and PENTAGON released Thumbs Up! on September 10. News sites focused more on the dating news than the group’s comeback.

The two later signed under Psy‘s company while PENTAGON notably participated in Mnet‘s Road to Kingdom.

6. Lee Hi – “No One”

Finally, while iKON was not promoting at the time of B.I‘s scandal, he featured in Lee Hi‘s comeback “No One”.

B.I was suspected of attempting to purchase LSD and marijuana in 2016. The idol later admitted that while he had never used drugs, he did contemplate it in the past, thus deciding to withdraw from iKON.

Despite the scandal, Lee Hi continued her promotions with a shorter version of the song that cut out the rap parts.

B.I later tested negative for drugs.

7. (G)I-DLE “Last Dance”

“Last Dance” was a song released by (G)I-DLE as a collaboration with fandom platform Universe. The song was released shortly after Soojin’s bullying controversy, which forced the group to re-record the song while redistributing her parts.

Soojin later would officially depart from the group.

Source: Koreaboo