7 K-Pop Groups Supposed to Form with a Different Concept

7 K-Pop Groups Supposed to Form with a Different Concept

Here are seven K-Pop groups that were actually supposed to debut with a different concept!

The K-Pop industry is cutthroat, with dozens of groups debuting each year and only a select few becoming recognized. Before a K-Pop group makes their debut, their companies would have already laid out a concrete concept and line-up for the group months before to ensure that they make it in the industry. But sometimes, groups have a last-minute change in their debut plans - and sometimes, it's for the better!

1. TXT


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We know TXT as a group with a bright and youthful concept, so it might be difficult to imagine the five-member group taking on a darker concept. In fact, TXT made their debut at a time where boy groups were leaning more towards edgier and darker concepts, and TXT even trained for a long time in hip-hop. But near their debut, they decided to change their concept and debut with "Crown."



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Originally, YG Entertainment's boy group, TREASURE, was supposed to be split into two groups: A seven-member group named TREASURE and a six-member group called MAGNUM, and together, they would be called TREASURE 13. After competing in YG Entertainment's reality-survival show "Treasure Box," TREASURE was supposed to have a 13th member, Ha Yoobin, who would've been a part of MAGNUM.

3. Super Junior

Super Junior

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Believe it or not, second-generation idols Super Junior was actually supposed to have a similar concept to that of NCT! The original concept of Super Junior would feature rotational members for each comeback, with the group's name changing every year (i.e Super Junior 05, Super Junior 06, and so on), sub-units based on location, and the adding of members. However, SM Entertainment decided to scrap the plans and instead debut with 12 members, with Kyuhyun later becoming the 13th.



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Although NCT DREAM was the third sub-unit of NCT to make their debut, the group was actually supposed to be the first. In addition, the group's famous hoverboard dance from "Chewing Gum" was initially not part of their original plans for the song. Fortunately, SM Entertainment made the right call to include the hoverboards as NCT DREAM got nothing but praise for it when they were rookies!

5. GOT7


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GOT7 was actually supposed to be a CO-ED group that consisted of six members, but JYP Entertainment decided to just go for a six-member boy group instead, with BamBam not being part of the original lineup. Instead, BamBam would have likely ended up as a member of Stray Kids. JYP Entertainment's founder, Park Jin Young, later added BamBam to GOT7's final lineup after BamBam was praised by YG Entertainment's founder, Yang Hyuk Suk, during his appearance on "WIN: Who Is Next?" and expressed his desire to join the group with Jackson and Mark.



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Prior to their debut, BTOB actually had a couple of concepts in mind. They were initially supposed to debut as a band, however, CNBLUE made their debut with the same concept. BTOB also thought of going acapella or even acrobatics! Due to the different concepts that they had trained for, the group became quite the entertainers when it comes to variety!


WJSN Unnatural

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Members of WJSN have revealed in the past that the group was originally training to debut with a "girl crush" concept, however, they ended up debuting with the bubbly and catchy "MoMoMo." But these days, it seems that WJSN is putting out more songs with the "girl crush" concept!

Which concept of these groups do you like better?

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