6 Our Favorite Idols Who Have Uneven Double Eyelids

6 Our Favorite Idols Who Have Uneven Double Eyelids

Double eyelids are highly sought after in South Korea, especially since most of our famous stars have them. Here are 6 idols who have uneven double eyelids but still look so charisma

1. V (BTS)

Our very own BTS‘s V is number 1 on the list with his gorgeous eyes! While his eyelids may be uneven, he still kills all ARMYs with his intense smoldering gazes. His left eye has a heavy double eyelid while his right eye is monolid.

Double eyelid or not, the BTS member just has a way with his gaze alone. His eyes have the ability to tell stories where words aren’t really needed for this boy group member. What a feature to have.

2. Joy (Red Velvet)

Red Velvet‘s Joy is next up on the list with her big, gorgeous eyes! While hers may not be the most noticeable right away, upon inspection, fans can see that her double eyelids are indeed, slightly uneven.

With Joy, the angle doesn’t seem to matter much because she exudes her natural attractiveness regardless of where the photo is being taken! She just drips with beauty and it doesn’t matter that she has slightly uneven eyelids because her beauty is perfect just the way she is.

3. Kyungri (Nine Muses)

Nine Muses’ Kyungri also makes it onto this list. Her uneven eyelids are definitely a little more noticeable than others but regardless, she looks so good with them. In the above photo, one could tell that her right eye has a more prominent double eyelid while her left eye does not.

Kyungri has previously stated that her uneven double eyelids were a feature she didn’t like but her fans love them! Fans think that her uneven eyelids paired with how long they are make her look like a cat, which is quite an attractive trait.

4. Daehwi (AB6IX)

Next up on our list is the adorable AB6IX‘s Daehwi! He has a very strong double eyelid on his right eye and it seems like his left eye doesn’t have the extra lid. However, he manages to look adorable in all angles with the rest of his cute features.

While his eyes are both massive with or without the double eyelid, Daehwi knows how to work a camera to his advantage. He just has all the poses down to a tee and he further proves that no matter the eyelids, he looks adorable at all times.

5. Gikwang (Highlight)

We are loving all these male idols who have one double eyelid and one mono-lid! Highlight‘s Gikwang is another male idol who sports this trend. His right eyelid has a very deep double eyelid while his left eye does not.

We believe that his eyes are one of his best features as he somehow always manages to look like a puppy! They are big and round, with or without the double eyelid feature, which makes him look adorable all the time.

6. Yoona (Girls’ Generation)

Last, but definitely not least is Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona! Yoona’s uneven eyelids are also hard to notice at first because the difference is very slight. However, one can notice that the double eyelid in her left eye goes in deeper while the one on her right eye sits a little higher on the eyelid.

Regardless of her uneven eyelids, Yoona remains one of the best visuals in girl group history. She somehow pulls off looking cute, beautiful and elegant all at the same time. She is an absolute visual legend.