6 Of The Most Savage Moments From Girls' Generation Sooyoung

6 Of The Most Savage Moments From Girls' Generation Sooyoung

Don't let yourself get on Girls' Generation Sooyoung's bad side, or you'll find yourself taking the hit for some of her most savage comments!

There's nothing more refreshing than someone who isn't afraid to put someone in their place, and Sooyoung is iconic for that! So here are six of the most savage Sooyoung moments.

1. There's nothing like blunt honesty that hurts the most, and well Sooyoung did an excellent job of that when Girls' Generation made their appearance on "Knowing Brothers."

2. Even one of the nation's top MCs has nothing on Sooyoung, dropping the line "You don't remember anything?" with that face, that's when you know you're in trouble!

3. When Sooyoung wants to take center stage, you better let her take center stage, and it's no surprise for her stage presence is unbeatable!

4. Sooyoung is also known to be quite the perfectionist, especially when it comes to choreography and stages; even her fellow band members have said just how scary Sooyoung can be when they're practicing!

5. Be aware if you're going to become Sooyoung's personal manager, you've been forewarned: being late is never an exception!

6. Even though she's not really saying anything, just by her posture, you can tell that she is not one to be messed with in these rehearsal fancams!

What are some of your favorite savage Sooyoung moments?

Source: Allkpop