6 Male Celebrities Who Named IU As Their Ideal Type

6 Male Celebrities Who Named IU As Their Ideal Type

Who doesn't love IU?

Ever since IU‘s debut 14 years ago, she’s been often named the ideal type of many including celebrities.

And it’s not surprising considering how musically talented she is and how much she gives back to her staff as well as causes that she believes in.

So naturally, even good-looking men have named her as their crush in the past.

Here are 6 male celebrities who picked IU as their ideal type:

1. Jungkook (BTS)

Jungkook, who is currently taking over the world with BTS, has named IU as his ideal type on a past broadcast. He even picked IU’s voice as his favorite out of all those that he had heard and expressed his passion as a fan.

2. Jay Park

Jay Park has also named IU as her ideal type. On a past broadcast, Jay Park participated in “ideal type world cup“, where he picked IU over other female idols such as Apink‘s Eunji, Suzy, and Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon.

3. Lee Dong Wook

The handsome actor, Lee Dong Wook once picked IU as his ideal type. On a past radio program, Lee Dong Wook was asked about his ideal type, to which he responded that he liked someone who’s cute like IU. When IU later heard this and ran into Lee Dong Wook on another broadcast, she told him that she bragged to all her friends about how he picked her as his ideal type.

4. Yoo Seung Ho

Actor Yoo Seung Ho has also named IU as his ideal type. On a past variety show, Yoo Seung Ho confessed that he liked women who were like friends to him and ended up picking IU as his number 1 choice in “ideal type world cup“.

5. Sandeul – B1A4

B1A4‘s Sandeul has also expressed that he’s a big fan of IU. On a past variety program, Sandeul also participated in “ideal type world cup” where he picked IU as his ultimate ideal type.

6. Yoo Jae Hwan

Musician and TV personality, Yoo Jae Hwan is also a huge fan of IU. Even since he met IU on MBC’s Infinite Challenge, he named IU as his ideal type multiple times. Yoo Jae Hwan has expressed his love for IU so many times that he even obtained the nickname, “IU Love”.

Source: koreaboo