6 K-Pop Groups Have Unique Concepts

6 K-Pop Groups Have Unique Concepts

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Since idol groups appear every year, it is difficult to attract public attention. Therefore, many idol groups try to stand out by establishing their own unique concepts. Here are six groups with unique concepts that eventually became famous.

1. EXO

When EXO first debuted, they shocked fans with their superpower concept. The members all fly from earth to "Exo Planet," an extrasolar planet. Each member has a unique superpower that represents them. During their debut, the group was judged for their concept, as many thought it would hinder them from breaking into the mainstream. However, as time went on, people became more enamored by EXO and their concept.

2. BTS

Unlike the other groups on this list, BTS drew praise for their albums' concepts, not just the group's concept as a whole. Since their debut, the group has enchanted fans with storytelling. They began from a school-themed trilogy, a youth-themed trilogy, and the "Love Yourself" series. The songs and music videos contain many references to psychological concepts and literature, which fans appreciate.

3. Aespa

Aespa just made its debut in November this year, but they have made the headlines of their concept. When SM Entertainment introduced them, they shocked people by introducing virtual peers to each member. Although Aespa has four real members, each member has its own AI (also called ae) corresponding member, so there are 8 members in total. There are rumors that the group will expand in the future.


WJSN's group concept follows constellations. When they first debuted as twelve members, each member got their own astrological sign. The sign is their actual star sign and represents them. When member Yeonjung was added to the group, she was assigned as the 13th unofficial astrological sign Ophiuchus or the serpent-bear.

Yeonjung started promoting with the group during their "Secret" promotions. During the music video, Bona is seen reaching out to Yeonjung, who in turn joins them. Her astrological symbol is then shown.


KARD debuted in 2016 and shocked everyone by being one of the few mixed-gender groups in the K-pop industry. But there is more to the group than them having both girls and boys. Like their name, each member is seen as a trump card, and each member represents a letter in KARD. BM is the King (K), J.Seph is the Ace (A), Somin is the Black Joker (R), and Jiwoo is the Color Joker (R).

The D in KARD represents a hidden card, which can refer to a special guest or feature.

6. Red Velvet

Red Velvet stands out from other groups due to the two sides of their music - the "red" and the "velvet." The group's "red" sideshows off their bright and cheerful atmosphere, while their "velvet" sideshows off their more mature and sensual side.

Notable songs from their "red" concept include "Red Flavor" and "Power Up," while notable songs from their "velvet" concept include "Psycho" and "Bad Boy."