5 Secret Meanings Hidden Behind The Logo Design Of BTS Album 'BE'

5 Secret Meanings Hidden Behind The Logo Design Of BTS Album 'BE'

There is one thing that those who are fans of Big Hit Entertainment in general and fans of BTS in particular know by he...

There is one thing that those who are fans of Big Hit Entertainment in general and fans of BTS in particular know by heart: Nothing this company releases is random. Up to now, whether it's the album title, the logo design, the concept image or the teaser video, everything can lead to hundreds of theories and many of them have even come true.

At 12AM KST on September 28, BTS has officially confirmed that they will release the album 'BE' (Deluxe Edition) at 2 PM KST on November 20. Pre-ordering for the album is now available. According to Big Hit, 'BE' will be an album with the signature music of BTS. The group's new story will begin with the statement "even in the face of this new normal, our lives go on". The album will also convey a healing message to fans in particular and to the world in general.


Besides information about the size, accessories and price, everything else, such as the specific concept of the album, has yet to be revealed. The only thing we can see is the logo of their album this time with the word 'BE'. However, just one word was enough for fans to come up with countless interesting theories, and chances are 1 or more of them are really what the 7 members are hiding. Let's find out the 5 information we may not know about their upcoming comeback album.

BE - BTS-Eque

The first and also the meaning that Weverse confirmed is 'BE' = 'BTS-esque'. In English, the word '-esque' refers to something in the style and nature of the preceding word. Thus, as Weverse explains, 'BTS-esque' is BTS's unique music product, made up of by the members.


This will be an album entirely by BTS - they are in charge of all stages such as composing music, designing, directing photos, concepts, etc.

BE - The name of BTS in English

The next thing that fans discovered lies in the design of the 'BE' album's logo. Accordingly, if we look closely at its shape, we will see that it is simulating the lines of the word 'BTS'.


BE - The name of BTS in Korean

Even their Korean name is hidden in the design, and this discovery made many fans ' have goosebumps' thinking about the creativity of Big Hit and BTS. Accordingly, the letter 'B' is referred to in Korean as the letter 'ㅂ', while the writing of the letter 'E' is similar to the Korean letter 'ㅌ'. Combined, we will have 'ㅂㅌ', which stands for the first two sounds of '방탄' (Bangtan) in Korean.



More specifically, this theory was even impliedly confirmed by a disc distributor. Accordingly, the 'Aladin' site, instead of writing the album title as 'BE', wrote 'ㅂㅌ' - which is 'Bangtan' in 'Bangtansonyeondan'. Once again, fans must admire the Big Hit group's logo design this time.


BE - A hidden number

Theories about hidden numbers often are a coincidence, but nevertheless it excites many ARMYs. Specifically, many fans discovered that 'B' is the 2nd letter of the English alphabet, and 'E' is the 5th letter. If you sum these two numbers, you have 7, a meaningful number for BTS.


Another theory that requires even more creativity lies in the design of the 'BE' logo. The writing style of the capital 'B' is very similar to the number '13', while the letter 'E' has the same strokes as the number '6' (as in the image below). When combined, we will have June 13 - the date the group debuted in 2013.


BE - A strong message

Returning to the naming of 'BE', many fans believe that this single word has a lot of meaning, not simply the compound word 'BTS-esque'. Accordingly, 'BE' in English means 'to be'. This is the message BTS has sent as in tjeor Weverse's album announcement: Although we have to go through a new normal period, which return after the pandemic, and many other challenges, we will continue our lives together, we will move forward together.

During the release of 'Dynamite', BTS also wanted to convey a positive message about life, which transcends all the challenges presented by the pandemic.

The word 'BE' is also the first word of many encouraging messages about life, such as 'Be Happy', 'Be Strong', 'Be there for someone' and 'Be Yourself'. One of the interesting things that fans discovered was that recently, during an interview with Vogue, V said 'Be Yourself' and emphasized the word 'BE'.