5 Of The Weirdest And Most Absurd Fake Dating Rumors In The History Of K-Pop

5 Of The Weirdest And Most Absurd Fake Dating Rumors In The History Of K-Pop

Here are 5 of the weirdest fake dating rumors in the history of K-Pop.

It’s not uncommon for K-Pop idols to find themselves caught up in dating rumors. These rumors are often based on groundless speculation, and the supposed “evidence” is usually ridiculous.

5. Yoona (Girls’ Generation) and PSY

This ridiculous rumor from 2012 started because of pictures and escalated into a super scandalous fake story.

In the photos, Yoona was spotted with a man who a Chinese media site assumed was PSY. Yoona was wearing a hoodie and the man’s face wasn’t fully visible because he was wearing a cap.

Based on the photos, the media site reported that PSY and Yoona had met at a party 6 months earlier. The site reported that Yoona fell for PSY during the party because of his outgoing personality and started going to more of his parties, which led to the beginning of their secret affair.

This rumor could have been very damaging because PSY was already married with children. Both Yoona and PSY’s agencies said the baseless rumor wasn’t worth responding to, and netizens were outraged when they learned that the entire scandalous story had been created around a few pictures. Some netizens also realized that the photos were taken while filming the variety show Running Man and that the man in the photos was a cameraman.

4. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation) and G-Dragon (BIGBANG)

This 2015 rumor was based on “proof” from the two stars’ social media.

Netizens noticed the two posted similar content on their social media pages and assumed the similarities were because Taeyeon and G-Dragon were in a relationship. One of the examples of “proof” was them posting photos on Instagram using the same filter within a few hours of each other.

Netizens also noticed that Taeyeon had a smiley face on one of her nails in the above photo and assumed it was placed there to match G-Dragon’s smiley face tattoo.

SM Entertainment shut the rumor down immediately by saying, “It is groundless talk. It is like a fiction novel.”

3. Karina (aespa) and Hyunjin (Stray Kids)

This rumor from September 2021 was literally just based on Hyunjin’s phone lockscreen.

A netizen caught a glimpse of Hyunjin’s lockscreen and assumed it was a photo of Karina.

Another netizen superimposed Karina’s selfie over Hyunjin’s lockscreen to supposedly prove that Karina was Hyunjin’s background.

The rumor gained more traction based on the two stars’ Dear U. Lysn Bubble screen names. Both had -ie added to their names with blue hearts.

Hyunjin shut the rumor down himself by sharing a photo of his actual lockscreen on Bubble. His lockscreen was actually a quick sketch of 2 characters from a K-Drama he had recently watched.

2. V (BTS) and the Paradise Group president’s daughter

This October 2021 rumor started just because V visited a museum.

V was spotted by netizens at a museum taking in an exhibit with Chairman Choi Yoon Jung, wife of President Phillip Jeon. They are the chairman and president of Paradise Group, a company that owns various hotels and casinos in Korea. Their daughter, Joanna Chun, was also at the exhibit, according to netizens.

Of course, netizens assumed V must be dating Joanna Chun because he was spotted at the museum with her family. V has also worn bracelets from Joanna Chun’s company, PeakPick, and netizens used his bracelet as more “evidence” that he was dating her.

HYBE quickly shut down the rumors by stating, “The family of chairman Choi Yoon Jung and V are just acquaintances.” V himself also addressed the rumors on Weverse. He said, “Today in my dreams, I’ll be shooting poisoned needles at the back of those people’s necks. Guard the back of your necks. Shoot Shoot.”

1. Rosé (BLACKPINK) and Mark (GOT7)

This ridiculous rumor has been going on since around 2018, but it reached new heights this year. Like most of the other rumors here, it was based on social media “proof.”

Much of the supposed “evidence” is based on social media posts. For example, when it snowed in January, Rosé captioned her photos in the snow with “baby it’s cold outside.” Mark captioned his “not cold at all.”

Netizens who ship Rosé and Mark brought the rumor back to life this September during Fashion Week in Paris. Both stars were in Paris for Fashion Week events, and they both happened to take photos at the Eiffel Tower.

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most iconic and popular tourist attractions in Paris, so Rosé and Mark both visiting the famous tower was pretty much the most baseless evidence ever. After all, the tower gets thousands of visitors per day. Mark apparently saw the rumors spreading online, and he addressed them via Twitter and told shippers to “stop now.”