5 Korean Celebrities That Dispatch Gave Up On Exposing

5 Korean Celebrities That Dispatch Gave Up On Exposing

Dispatch decided to let them alone...

One of the most noteworthy newsgroups in South Korea, responsible for some of the most shocking revelations in the world of entertainment, Dispatch, is a feared, revered, and somewhat controversial name in the Korean news world. They're often targeted by netizens, even internationally, for the invasion of privacy and non-consensual behavior that the agency often indulges in, in order to gain their information. While it does definitely place them in a morally grey area, what they're doing is not deemed illegal either, at least technically, regardless of the repercussions that a certain disclosure may have on the subjects of the same. It is unfortunate, but that is how the system runs.

Over the years, Dispatch has reported several dating news as well as scandals that have taken over the nation. However, there are some celebrities that even Dispatch has given up on "exposing," and here's why.


BTS is one of the biggest musical acts today, so it is natural to wonder why Dispatch never seems to have any revelations about the group. The reason is, the members of BTS are quite literally, only focused on themselves, each other, and their group, so much so that Dispatch admittedly gave up on following them for scoops.


Quite like BTS, the APINK members were always together even when they were not working or during non-promotional periods. There's a popular anecdote about how Dispatch was following Son Naeun and spotted her alone at a cafe, only for the rest of the members to show up with bingsu (shaved ice).

Kim Jong Kook

The generational superstar, known for his music, his physique as well as his incredible talent as a variety show entertainer, Kim Jong Kook, spent almost all of his time either working or working out. Naturally, therefore, he was either on set or in the gym, leaving Dispatch empty-handed, which ultimately led to them leaving him alone.

Girls' Generation's Seohyun

Seohyun is revered in the Korean entertainment industry for being an incredibly hard worker and a sincere artist. Her daily routine was so repetitive, back and forth from home and work, that Dispatch gave up on finding any gossip to expose about her.

SHINee's Taemin

The SHINee maknae, much like BTS's maknae, was a much sought-after celebrity when it came to paparazzi. However, because he spent all his time with his labelmate and best friend Kai, Dispatch eventually stopped going after him.