5 Idols That Have The Cool and Unique Birth Names

5 Idols That Have The Cool and Unique Birth Names

#5 has a cool meaning!

Birth names vs Stage names is always a common topic that comes up in the idol world especially K-pop. Fans have heard all the different names by now and honestly, we can’t be surprised anymore. Well, netizens have found out 5 idols with unique and chic birth names so let’s take a look at this list.


PENTAGON‘s Hui is known for his talent for rap, songwriting, and producer. He continues to impress netizens with his skills as an idol. He recently impressed netizens once again when he revealed his birth name was Lee Hoe Taek. They think that his name sounds like a fairytale character name! What praises. His stage name, Hui is actually ideal from his birth name, using a Chinese pronunciation of the “Hoe” in his birth name. It's was so cool!

2. Hoshi (SEVENTEEN)

Hoshi who is known as SEVENTEEN‘s dancing machine and choreography master is on the second in this list. He is the main dancer of the group as well as the leader of the performance team, he always impresses everybody with his talent. His birth name is Kwon Soonyoung, which netizens believe is very fitting of his masculine and his man image. His stage name was born after combining the Korean words for tiger (horangi) and gaze (shisun). His stage name literally means ‘the gaze of a tiger’! What a cool name that is!

3. Jaehyun (Golden Child)

While Jaehyun from Golden Child may promote with his birth name, it is his full birth name that netizens find super appealing. With the addition of his last name Bong, netizens can’t help but be attracted because of his unique last name. Fans have come up with some fun nicknames due to his unique last names, such as bongbbalggan4. With his handsome looks and chic name, Bong Jaehyun has managed to capture the hearts of fans all over.

4. Nicole (Former KARA)

The former KARA member is on this list too. Nicole Jung who is from the states has a very unique Korean name, Jung Yong Joo. While fans may know her as Nicole, netizens think it is absolutely adorable that the English speaking, American born former idol has such a unique Korean name! It’s so unique that netizens believe it’s rare to even in South Korea. I think we can all agree that whether she went by Nicole or Yong Joo, fans would have loved her anyway.

5. Solar (MAMAMOO)

Last but definitely not least is Solar from MAMAMOO. Her birth name, Kim Yong Sun may not be as unique as the others but the meaning behind it is the reason that she is on this list. The meaning of her birth name, you may ask? Her name means “fresh face”, which is very true! While we love Solar for her amazing voice and gorgeous visuals, we now can love her for her unique birth name and the incredible meaning behind it.