4 Male K-Pop Idols Have Too Beautiful Legs

4 Male K-Pop Idols Have Too Beautiful Legs

Some male K-Pop idols in the scene have really pretty legs.

So much that many fans and netizens have said their legs are probably prettier than most women's out there. They're slim, extremely clean, and are basically a work of art.

You can check out the four male idols below!

Suga (BTS)

The adorable and sassy BTS member has quite beautiful legs.

He once talked about how females don't come near him when he's wearing shorts because, well, you get the idea.

XiuMin (EXO)

XiuMin's smile isn't the only thing that will leave you shook. XiuMin too has been complimented by many fans and netizens for having pretty legs.

SeungHoon (WINNER)

Not only are SeungHoon's legs pretty, they're also really long, giving him the golden body ratio.


V, who has visuals that are out of this world, caused quite a commotion online when ARMY were going crazy over how pretty his legs were.