23 Best K-Pop B-side Songs in 2020 Chosen By MTV: BoA, TAEMIN, STAYC Top The List

23 Best K-Pop B-side Songs in 2020 Chosen By MTV: BoA, TAEMIN, STAYC Top The List

MTV has very unique choices for the best K-Pop b-side songs released in 2020, and not all popular K-Pop groups are selected.


MTV is a world-famous music media outlet, and their lists of the best songs of the year have always received the attention of many people. Recently, MTV picked their best K-Pop b-side songs in 2020, and 23 songs by 23 artists were picked.

MTV said, "Although people have more time to listen to new songs in 2020, it's hard to keep up with all of the K-Pop music products, especially for songs that aren't title tracks. For that reason, MTV News has compiled a list of the best K-Pop b-side songs so that everyone can know more about them. Here are 23 songs that are not title tracks but are unique and qualified among the thousands of K-Pop songs released in 2020."

23. Top Secret - Weeekly

22. Smoky - JOOHONEY

21. Clover - A.C.E

20. Open Your Eyes - IZ * ONE

19. Like the Hands Held Tight - SF9

18. Poppin'- Baekhyun

17. Love Me Now - NCT 127

16. No Good Reason - Everglow

15. Luv U - (G) I-DLE

14. Domino - WayV

13. Wish You Were Here - SuperM

12. Horizon - ATEEZ

11. Intro: Walk the Line - ENHYPEN

10. Ghosting - TXT

9. Labyrinth - GFRIEND

8. LMM - Hwasa

7. Any - Stray Kids

6. Afraid - DAY6

5. UGH! - BTS

4. Accident - WOODZ

3. Like This - STAYC

2. Clockwork - TAEMIN

1. Start Over - BoA

BoA's song 'Start Over' has been chosen by MTV as the best K-Pop b-side song in 2020. MTV highly praised this song and said that this is really a 'jewel' hidden in the album 'Better' from the female singer.

In general, in this list, we can see MTV's diverse and unique taste, which surpasses the standards of the music market. Many people praised the b-side songs of BTS, Stray Kids, TXT, NCT 127, IZ*ONE... All of which are excellent choices and deserve to be heard by non-fans. In addition, being named in the list are songs from STAYC, WOODZ, ENHYPEN and Weeekly, the rookies - this is considered a commendable achievement for them.

However, what makes many people wonder is the absence of BLACKPINK and TWICE on the list. 'The Album' (by BLACKPINK) and 'Eyes Wide Open' (by TWICE) are both considered albums with many impressive and quality songs, but in the end, they were unable to enter the MTV's list.


What do you think about MTV's choices? For you, which are the best K-Pop b-side songs of 2020?