20 K-Pop Songs Most Sung In Karaoke Rooms By Japanese People

20 K-Pop Songs Most Sung In Karaoke Rooms By Japanese People

Karaoke is still very popular in Japan, and Japanese also loves K-Pop. So, which K-Pop songs are most picked in this country?

In Japan, the country where it was invented, karaoke is still a form of entertainment that is loved by many people. As the year is coming to an end, the JOYSOUND page has announced the list of 20 most popular K-Pop songs in karaoke room in 2020.

Notably, this list not only contains new songs released this year but also songs that have been released for a very long time, proving their timeless influences. Let's take a look!

No.20: 'Unconditional Love' - Park Sang Chul

No.19: 'FIESTA' - IZ*ONE

No.18: 'I Miss You' - Kim Bum Soo

No.17: 'More & More' - TWICE

No.16: 'Yes Or Yes' - TWICE

No.15: 'La Vie en Rose' - IZ * ONE

No.14: 'How You Like That' - BLACKPINK

No.13: 'Wannabe' - ITZY

No.12: 'Love Scenario' - iKON

No.11: 'Euphoria' - Jungkook (BTS)

No.10: 'Very Very Very' - I.O.I

No.9: 'Dalla Dalla' - ITZY


No.7: 'Eyes, Nose, Lips' - Taeyang (Big Bang)

No.6: 'Fancy' - TWICE

No.5: 'ICY' - ITZY

No.4: 'Gangnam Style' - PSY

No.3: 'Way Back Home' - SHAUN

No.2: 'Dynamite' - BTS

No.1: 'Feel Special' - TWICE

Are you surprised by the rankings of these songs? Which K-Pop song do you pick most often in karaoke rooms? Please share with us.