2 Most Successful K-Pop Songs Of Girl Group In 2020 By Knet

2 Most Successful K-Pop Songs Of Girl Group In 2020 By Knet

The year 2020 has come to the end, and up to now, Knet has only recognized 2 K-pop songs from these 2 girl groups as the hottest hits in Korea.

Recently, a Knet on Theqoo had an article peaked the hot topic on the forum with the title: "It seems that these are the most successful songs of the Kpop girl group this year (2020)". Accordingly, based on the domestic digital achievement, popularity with the public and even music trophies, the article owner chose the following two songs.

OH MY GIRL - "Nonstop"

'Nonstop' is the title track of the mini-album vol.7 of the same name, released on April 27 by Oh My Girl. The song is impressive with lyrics like a board game with feeling dizzy at the moment of realizing the vibrations for your friend. Immediately, this song became a trend and helped Oh My Girl become one of the most successful non-Big 3 girl groups at the moment.


The catchy, fresh melody of 'Nonstop' helped Oh My Girl conquer digital music charts, all-kill music programs at both cable and central stations with 8 winning trophies. In addition, this MV also became the most viewed MV in Korea during the promotion period, and even brought the group to the top of the brand charts.

BLACKPINK - How You Like That

On June 26, BLACKPINK returned to the Kpop music scene with the paving song 'How You Like That' after more than a year of waiting. This is a hip hop song that shows the group's unique charisma, bearing the message that do not be discouraged by any situation and even in the darkest moments, keep your wings high.

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At first, Knet was not interested in 'How You Like That' because he thought it was "bland" and not different from the previous songs of the YG girl group. However, the more they listen, the more addicted they become and as a result, this song not only conquered the digital music chart but also has 12 times PAK.

In addition, this song also has 13 No.1 trophies at music shows and the MV also broke a series of records for views on the Youtube platform.