15 Times BLACKPINK’s Lisa Glowed In Black And White Photos

15 Times BLACKPINK’s Lisa Glowed In Black And White Photos

She doesn’t need many colors to shine in these pictures!

She’s a member of BLACKPINK, but there’s another combination of colors that complement Lisa‘s charismatic gaze. There is no shortage of photos of Lisa in black and white, so here are just a few examples of the singer looking magnificent in monochrome.

1. There’s a reason this is her current Instagram profile picture.

2. Lisa has always been a rockstar.

3. No extra colors are needed to complete this look.

4. The audience appears to sparkle with the flashes of light.

5. She is the epitome of edgy and cute combined.

6. Even in a robe, she looks ethereal!

7. Lisa rocking short hair and a crop top.

8. She easily pulls off luxurious looks.

9. Lips that may or may not be black.

10. Lisa glitters behind the scenes, too.

11. She is a mysterious beauty.

12. She mesmerizes with long nails and a lip ring.

13. This shot is framed so perfectly.

14. She seems to look right through the picture.

15. Comfortable, classy, and simply gorgeous!

Lisa is a powerful presence, and these atmospheric shots only help to illustrate the BLACKPINK member’s beautiful evolution.