12 Cute K-Pop Songs For When You Just Need To Cheer Up Yourself

12 Cute K-Pop Songs For When You Just Need To Cheer Up Yourself

A fun, energetic sound is one of the hallmarks of K-pop music, and there’s nothing better to listen to when you need some good energy to fill you up.

From sweet melodies to bouncy beats, here are a few suggestions for your playlist. Bad vibes, be gone!

1. Choi Ye Na ft. BIBI – “SMILEY”

The title says it all! This track is smiles all around, and Choi Ye Na’s gorgeous voice can definitely brighten up any gloomy day.

12 Cute K-Pop Tracks For When You Just Need Some Cheer In Your Life

The music video is also super sweet, and it shows that music has the power to turn your day around. This is a pretty memorable solo debut for Choi Ye Na!


Most K-pop fans will recognize this one. “VERY NICE” has pretty much been a hit since day one, and it put that iconic SEVENTEEN sound on the map. It’s big and busy in the very best way, leaving no space for bad vibes. Plus, the music video is pretty funny to watch too!

3. WJSN CHOCOME – “Super Yuppers!”

As far as quirky, fun K-pop songs go, “Super Yuppers!” might just be the standard. WJSN CHOCOME isn’t afraid to stand out with their unique concepts, and the superhero theme and cartoon-style sound of this track is no exception. It might not be for everyone, but there’s no denying how cool it is!


THE BOYZ has covered a lot of concepts throughout their career, but there’s something about this brand of high-energy music that they pull off like no other. “THRILL RIDE” utilizes a cool carnival-style melody that’s totally addictive, especially when combined with their smooth vocals and rap.

5. Oh My Girl – “Dun Dun Dance”

The disco-style production of this track accounts for that bouncy, energetic sound that just can’t be beat – especially when it comes to feel-good music! The Oh My Girl members are connoisseurs of that bright K-pop style, and “Dun Dun Dance” is proof. It’s sweet and simple, and it will definitely get stuck in your head!

6. ENHYPEN – “Polaroid Love”

“Polaroid Love” has been a hit on social media recently, and for a good reason! It really captures the optimism of young love, and it has the uncanny ability to get you singing along every time you listen to it. Plus, the ENHYPEN members’ vocals sound so perfect on this track!

7. fromis_9 – “FUN!”

This one was released a few years back, but it still has yet to be beat in terms of, well – fun! The melody is unique, and the vocals are clear and bright in that signature fromis_9 style. If you want an instant happy pill in K-pop song form, then this is the one for you!

8. ASTRO – “Baby”

Speaking of older releases, this one is approaching five years old (time flies!), and is still every bit as refreshing as the day it dropped. It’s got an almost video game-esque sound underneath ASTRO’s fantastic vocals and energetic rap, and the wildly colorful music video is just icing on the cake.

9. TWICE – “Signal”

“Signal” is definitely one of TWICE’s most unique tracks, both in terms of style and sound. The music video is a little out-there, with a green extraterrestrial and a plot twist that’s pretty memorable. Music video aside, though, the song is some good light-hearted fun with a super catchy tagline.

10. TXT – “Cat and Dog”

This was an adventurous track to include for TXT’s debut album, but the risk paid off! This song experienced a social media renaissance recently, and the peppy melody combined with the iconic rap section proves to hold a lot of appeal for fans. It’s weird and wacky, but it’s just so much fun!

11. Red Velvet – “Red Flavor”

Red Velvet has a lot of high-energy tracks released under the brighter “red” side of their concept, so they always bring the right vibes to a summer classic like “Red Flavor.” Tracks like this can be hard to pull off, but these ladies make it look easy with their sweet-sounding voices and bouncy rap style.

12. BTS – “Go Go”

It’s not often that BTS brings a silly song like “Go Go” to an album, but it’s always fun when they do! This one’s about going all-out, and the members definitely did. The underlying flute melody that ties the track together along with the don’t-care attitude of the vocal and rap sections make this one amazing – and the performance is just too cute!

Source: Soompi