10 Times Red Velvet’s Joy Turned Her Walk To Work Into Her Own Personal Runway

10 Times Red Velvet’s Joy Turned Her Walk To Work Into Her Own Personal Runway

Joy is a vision in these 10 memorable outfits🔥

Red Velvet‘s Joy has been capturing attention for her stunning outfits and photoshoot-ready visuals on the way to film for SBS‘s TV Animal Farm.

She’s recently gone viral on multiple occasions for her gorgeous visuals and her kind personality seen through her interactions with fans.

Red Velvet’s Joy interacting with her fans on the way to film for “TV Animal Farm”

Here are ten times Joy turned her walk into work into her own personal runway, showcasing her bright personality and proving that her stage name was a perfect choice.

1. A snow princess in blue

On January 19, Joy was a vision in a long, blue winter jacket, which was a perfect contrast to her dark hair.

2. A pastel vision for spring

On March 2, Joy wore a bright floral outfit ahead of spring. Even though she was wearing a mask, it couldn’t hide her kind smile.

3. Fashionable and sensible

On March 3, Joy wore a pastel cardigan with a short jean skirt. She wore skin colored tights to keep warm in the colder weather.

4. A Y2K Queen

On May 25, Joy wore a buttoned blouse with a plaid skirt, flawlessly pulling off the trendy Y2K fashion choices.

5. Trendy and casual

On June 8, Joy wore an asymmetrical top with olive green pants, making it a great spring to summer transitional outfit.

6. Classy and cute

On the same day,s June 8, Joy switched up her outfit and changed into a floral dress with tennis shoes for a cute and casual look.

7. Nautical fashion

On June 22, Joy wore this trendy nautical MIU MIU dress. She had fun posing for her adoring fans on the way to work.

8. Upscale yet simple

On the same day, June 22, Joy wore this upscale casual linen blouse with pearl earrings and a simple gold necklace.

9. The classic little black dress

Joy stunned in this black dress as she playfully posed for her fans.

10. An outfit worthy of a K-Drama

Joy looked like the main character in this beautiful off-the-shoulder floral dress.

Source: Koreaboo