10 Of BTS V’s Recommended K-Dramas, Animes, And Movies

10 Of BTS V’s Recommended K-Dramas, Animes, And Movies

Add these hits to your watchlist.

BTS‘s members have shared a number of their favorite movies, K-Dramas, animes, and more with ARMY, along with what they’re currently watching. Here are 10 of V‘s picks!

1. Squid Game

In 2021, Squid Game mania took the world by storm. V dressed up as a guard from Squid Game during PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA.


This bloody K-Drama follows 456 desperate contestants as they compete in a tournament of lethal children’s games for cash.

2. Parasite

V’s close friend, actor Choi Woo Shik, starred in the 2019 film Parasite. V personally recommended the film during a live broadcast.

Parasite follows a poor family who gradually infiltrates and takes over the home of a wealthy family by gaining employment in the household. Parasite won big at the 92nd Academy Awards, taking home the awards for “Best Picture,” “Best Director,” “Best Original Screenplay,” and “Best International Feature Film.”

3. Red Notice

On Instagram, V shared a clip from the movie Red Notice starring Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, and Gal Gadot.

This 2021 action-comedy follows an FBI agent who joins forces with an art thief to catch a daring criminal.

| Netflix

4. About Time

Like many of his members, V incorporates his favorite films, books, etc, into his songwriting. The proposal scene from this 2013 British romantic comedy-drama partly inspired V’s song “Winter Bear”.

Jimin and V

There is a scene where he proposes when she is about to go to sleep…She was sleeping and the man was kneeling. He was kneeling to propose. That scene was so impressive. — V

About Time is about a time traveler who decides to use his ability to improve his life. He goes back in time to meet and woo the love of his life.

5. Itaewon Class

V’s song “Sweet Night” is part of the soundtrack of Itaewon Class, a 2020 K-Drama starring his friend, actor Park Seo Joon.


Itaewon Class follows an ex-con and his friends, a group of misfits, who dream of opening a street bar. To make this dream a reality, they have to take on a powerful corporate foe.

6. Howl’s Moving Castle

This 2004 animated classic is about a hatter, Sophie, who falls under a witch’s curse that turns her into an elderly woman. On her quest to break the curse, Sophie meets a powerful wizard named Howl who lives in an enchanted, moving castle.

7. Navillera

In 2018, V recommended a webtoon that has now been turned into a K-Drama.

Navillera is a 2021 K-Drama about a 70-year-old man who, with the help of a young ballerino, fulfills his lifelong dream of dancing ballet while battling Alzheimer’s.

8. Crows Zero

If you love action movies and delinquents, you’ll love this Japanese cult classic! Crows Zero (2007) is all about the power struggle between student gangs at Suzuran All-Boys High School.


9. Summer Wars

If you like Howl’s Moving Castle and virtual reality stories, chances are you’ll fall head over heels for Summer Wars. This 2009 anime movie is about a teen math genius who is enlisted by his crush to play the role of her fake boyfriend at her grandmother’s birthday party. Meanwhile, an out-of-control AI is taking over the world!

| Warner Bros.

10. Born To Be Blue

BTS’s resident jazz enthusiast recommended this 2015 film about the life of American jazz musician Chet Baker.

Source: Koreaboo