10 Best-Dressed Stars With Memorable Looks On The “2022 MAMA Awards” Day 2 Red Carpet

10 Best-Dressed Stars With Memorable Looks On The “2022 MAMA Awards” Day 2 Red Carpet

From movie star vibes to true visuals, the red carpet was full of Grade-A looks!

As the end of the year comes, it is the time when idols come together to celebrate their accomplishments at award shows. On November 30, it was the second day of the 2022 MAMA Awards, and it started with a red carpet event.

Here is a look at 10+ stars that completely stole the show with their looks on the second day of the 2022 MAMA Awards.

1. BTS’s J-Hope

It isn’t surprising that one of the most anticipated idols on the red carpet was BTS’s J-Hope ahead of his performance. So, when the idol came out in a perfectly fitting suit, sunglasses and no shirt, it was definitely enough to confirm his “Main event” status.

If that wasn’t enough, his look also cemented his legendary status after winning the “Bibigo Culture & Style” award. His red carpet look proved his fashion and also had a lot of ARMYs simping over his outfit.

2. Hwang Minhyun

Hwang Minhyun truly made an entrance with actress Kim So Hyun and his outfit was part of that.

Even though the suit was beautiful by itself, it was the sheer top underneath with bow detail that truly made him stand out. It combined sophistication, sexiness, and elegance, which is truly a lethal combination with his visuals.

3. IVE’s Gaeul

Like most of the groups, IVE coordinated their looks perfectly, and all shone. While all the members utilized white and black items, Gaeul stood tall and badass with her all-black number.

The two-piece outfit had inspirations from different styles, showing off her visuals and proportions. Yet, it was the different textures that truly made her stand out and, combined with her short hair, gave off warrior vibes.

4. Nam Yoon Su

As the red carpet host, Nam Yoon Su’s look might not have been for everyone, but it was definitely memorable.

Dressed in a bright red combo, the actor perfectly combined it with a light blue denim shirt to balance out the bright colors. It definitely seems a unique choice for a red carpet, but Nam Yoon Su had the confidence and visuals to pull it off.

5. ITZY’s Ryujin

ITZY is truly a group of visuals which meant that had to be on the list in some way. While all the members looked gorgeous, something about Ryujin’s look was truly memorable.

With her short hair, the short dress seemed even more beautiful, showing off her perfect curves and beauty. Despite the simple design, it looked catwalk worthy with the idol’s visuals.

6. (G)I-DLE’s Minnie

Like many of the groups, all of (G)I-DLE truly shined on the red carpet with their coordinated looks.

Yet, Minnie’s long dress was undeniably gorgeous. In the matching Dolce and Gabbana pattern as Miyeon, the halter-neck style perfectly suited Minnie and the length showcased her proportions and model features.


When it comes to the members of TREASURE, it almost seemed impossible to pick just one member dressed impeccably.

Yet, after going viral on the first day, Yoshi definitely understood the assignment. Along with the fact that his orange hair and visuals definitely stood out, the outfit was perfectly put together, combining different textures and patterns.

8. Kim Yuna

The ice princess Kim Yuna truly lived up to her nickname on the red carpet of the event. Dressed in a white gown, the intricate black detailing in the embroidery and accessories truly showcased Yuna’s stunning visuals. With a bright red lip, it added extra power to the elegant look.

9. Park Bo Gum

As the host of the second night, it wasn’t surprising that Park Bo Gum made sure to stand out on the red carpet. Even though it might just seem like a normal suit, the addition of a black velvet jacket just gave him true leading man vibes. Of course, his visuals also made him stand out.

10. Ahn So Hee

When it came to the most beautiful and elegant looks of the night, Ahn So Hee had to be near the top with her white dress. The stunning white number seemingly belonged in Hollywood with the intricate silver detailing throughout. The translucent cape also added extra drama and meant that all eyes were rightly on her.

Source: Koreaboo