YoonA Looks Even More Stunning After Gaining 8 Kg (17 Lbs)

YoonA Looks Even More Stunning After Gaining 8 Kg (17 Lbs)

Girls' Generation's YoonA has become the talk of the town after looking as stunning as ever at the 43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards.

In particular, many discussed YoonA's weight gain of 8kg (17 lbs) and that she became even more beautiful. In an online community post titled "YoonA's current state after gaining 8kg", many online users took notice of YoonA's appearance compared to last year.





The photos were taken at the 43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards, which took place on November 25. In the photos, YoonA looked stunning in a white dress with an oversized flower on the front.

She graced the red carpet with her signature innocent and graceful visuals boasting her unrivaled beauty.

The creator of the post explained, "She became more pretty. There are a lot of people who lose weight on their face when they get older and look old. But YoonA looks younger and she's still skinny."

Other netizens joined the conversation and also shared:

"How skinny was she to begin with if she still looks skinny after gaining 8 kg?"

"She still is skinny."

"To be honest, I think it's better to gain a little bit more weight as you get older."

"When you're over 30 it's better to look younger, not skinnier. you can tell people gain weight when they get older but they look younger."

"If you see her in person, YoonA is super pretty, she's crazy pretty."

"She looks so much better."

"In my personal opinion, I think she looks better skinnier."

"She gained weight for a film but she looks so pretty."

Source: Allkpop