Top 10 "bad boys" in K-Dramas but we all fall in love with (P2)

Top 10 "bad boys" in K-Dramas but we all fall in love with (P2)

Continue with the previous part of top 10 bad boys in the K-Dramas, let's find out the names remained.

Moo Young - The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

Initially, the character played by Seo In Guk made viewers less sympathetic. Only when fully understanding the character's past, the audience understands the inner complexity of his mentality and personality. Moo Young's sincere love for Yoo Jin Kang (Jung So Min) also contributes to clean up the character's "bad boy" image at the beginning of the movie.


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Kwon Shi Hyun - Temted

In the movie, Woo Do Hwan plays Kwon Shi Hyun - the precious boy who is only hanging out with his friends all day and dating girls. Shi Hyun joked with Eun Tae Hee (Joy)'s feelings as a way to get revenge on her. However, Tae Hee's pure innocence has made the fluffy guy change, absorbing lessons on how to appreciate women, as well as knowing how to worry about his future.


Gu Dong Mae - Mr.Sunshine

Gu Dong Mae (Yoo Yeon Seok) is the villain that makes the audience follow Mr. Sunshine is both in love and angry. The man "carrying a snake to bite the chicken" is the devil on the screen until he meets and falls in love with Go Ae Shin (Kim Tae Ri). Thanks to love, Dong Mae's hateful heart has changed.


Doo Chil Seong - Wok of Love

Doo Chil Seong (Jang Hyuk) leads a bank specializing in usury and is the owner of a Chinese restaurant that does not work. His recklessness made everyone fear. But when Chil Seong met Seo Poong (Junho), he let Seo Poong take over the store, treating him like a brother in the house. After meeting Dan Sae Woo (Jung Ryeo Won), the brothers and sisters fell in love and volunteered to sacrifice themselves for her.


Baek Kyung - Extraordinary You

In the movie, Baek Kyung (Lee Jae Wook) and Eun Dan Oh (Kim Hye Yoon) are a couple. However, Baek Kyung always treats his girlfriend cruelly, not at all interested in her feelings. When it was discovered that Dan Oh had noticed another guy, Baek Kyung panicked found ways to hold his girlfriend's feet because he truly loved her.