'The Uncanny Counter' Jo Byung Gyu In Talks To Play Male Lead In New tvN Historical Drama

'The Uncanny Counter' Jo Byung Gyu In Talks To Play Male Lead In New tvN Historical Drama

Actor Jo Byung Gyu is considering to join the cast of tvN's new historical drama 'Eosa Jo Yi Dyeon' ('Tale of the Secret Royal Agent and Jo Yi').

An official from a drama bureau said on January 13 that, "Jo Byung Gyu will appear as the main character of tvN's historical drama 'Eosa Jo Yi Dyeon'."

Responding to the news, his agency HB Entertainment said that, "Jo Byung Gyu is considering appearing in the new drama 'Eosa Jo Yi Dyeon' after receiving a proposal."

If he accepts the role, Jo Byung Gyu will play Ra Yi Eon, the youngest officer of Hongmungwan (an office of the Joseon Dynasty) in the drama, and also a royal secret agent. He has a overwhelming handsome appearance, but also has a drowsy look. He has everything, but the problem is that he doesn't have a future or a goal in his head.

'Eosa Jo Yi Dyeon' is a drama revolves around the journey of investigating and exposing corrupt officials, and digging up the truth of a dark conspiracy in the palace.

Jo Byung Gyu, who appeared in three consecutive hit films, starting with 'SKY Castle', 'Hot Stove League' and 'The Uncanny Counter', is expected to further broaden his career with a fantasy historical drama this time. As 'The Uncanny Counter' season 2, which everyone is waiting for, plans to start production only after September, the actor can absolutely spend time with 'Eosa Jo Yi Dyeon' until then.

The drama is directed by Yoo Jong Sun (co-director of 'What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?' and 'Descendants Of The Sun') and written by Lee Jae Yoon. As soon as it finishes casting, the tvN drama will start filming and air in the second half of this year.