The Surprising List Of The 13 “Worst K-Dramas” Of 2022, According To Industry Insiders

The Surprising List Of The 13 “Worst K-Dramas” Of 2022, According To Industry Insiders

There are some top K-Dramas that surprisingly made the list!

It seems as if 2022 has been the year of K-Dramas, with the popularity of various shows rising worldwide. Each month, a new drama catches the attention of fans, whether it’s Business Proposal, Under The Queen’s Umbrella, Extraordinary Attorney Woo, or many others that have gained praise.

Yet, where there are netizens praising shows, there are always experts with their own views. Recently, JoyNews24 did a survey amongst industry insiders who picked a list of the “Worst K-Dramas of 2022,” and it’s definitely surprising.

1. Eve

According to the survey, Seo Ye Ji‘s comeback series Eve received a shocking 46 votes from the panel as the worst K-Drama. It seemed destined for bad luck from the very beginning, as the press conference was canceled, and the release was pushed back for various reasons.

When looking at the reasons why, it ranged from Seo Ye Ji’s acting, the more provocative storylines, and X-rated scenes. Although they can sometimes help ratings, it seemed too much for a still conservative Korean audience.

2. Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area

After the success of Netflix‘s Squid Game, the announcement of a remake of the loved show Money Heist seemed like the perfect way to capitalize on the success of Korean shows.

While international audiences seemed to enjoy it, the show was constantly slated by domestic viewers. Their biggest complaint was the pacing of the series as, at only six episodes long, audiences felt rather than expounding on the original premise, the Korean version was too busy retelling highlights of the original.

3. Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce)

The title of the K-Drama would have viewers hooked, but Love didn’t receive the reviews they wanted. Even Western outlets found downfalls in the series, with many criticizing the storytelling and character development throughout the episodes.

4. Today’s Webtoon

After the success of Business Proposal, Kim Sejeong continued with the next show Today’s Webtoon. Yet, it didn’t seem to gain the same response. Although it had many fans, Korean viewers thought that the adaption was “Boring” and the themes were “lackluster.”

5. Big Mouse

The K-Drama Big Mouse seemed perfect, with a huge cast and storyline that constantly had fans at the edge of their seats, with heartbreak, love, and much more. Yet, it wasn’t without its critics, as the show came under fire for racial undertones, especially when it came to Thai audiences lamenting the drama for its insensitivity toward their culture.

6. Alchemy Of Souls

One of the most shocking shows on the list has to be Alchemy of Souls. It seems like fans just couldn’t get enough of the show, with the new teasers for series two being released and raising anticipation. From the star-studded cast to the unique storyline, it seemed like the perfect show, which makes it hard to imagine on the list.

7. Why Her

K-Drama Why Her was another shocking addition to the list, as it seemed to be consistently praised for its amazing cast, performances, and storylines. Yet, the seriousness and dark issues addressed might have been too much for some of the audiences, especially when fans want more lighthearted shows.

8. Crazy Love

Crazy in Love seemed like the perfect show, replicating the workplace romance themes that have been so popular. So, it is a surprising pick on the list as Western critics praised the show for its freshness, comedy, and much more.

9. Jinxed at First

Trying to follow with the success of Disney+ shows, Jinxed at First seemed to have potential. Yet, it didn’t love up to the expectations of many fans. While it started lighthearted, such as a fairytale, netizens didn’t enjoy the sudden shift to more serious topics, deeming it boring and lackluster with the production and storyline.

10. Snowdrop

K-Drama Snowdrop immediately gained the attention of international netizens after the cast included Jung Hae In and BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo. Many had high hopes from the trailers and couldn’t wait for the show to air.

Despite the star-studded cast, the show came under controversy several times. Due to its context, many saw it as a distortion of history or making light of an important moment in the country’s history. The writer, Yoo Hyun Mi, was also criticized for her alleged choice of inspiration behind her characters.

11. Tomorrow

Tomorrow would definitely be a surprising pick for international fans who praised the show’s aim at raising awareness on the topic of suicide. In the beginning, fans worldwide loved the show’s concept and the amazing acting by a diverse cast.

Yet, between a mix of bad ratings (through the show’s scheduled time), lack of romance, and also the reaction to a much darker show, it wasn’t received as well by Korean fans.

12. Sh**ting Stars

Sh**ting Stars seemed to have great potential when it was announced. For many, it was a nice show to watch but many believed it wasn’t too engaging considering the premise of the show.

It also came under fire after allegations of racism. The series was seen as depicting Africa as a country rather than a whole continent and portraying its male lead with a “white savior” complex coming to help bring water as if Africa doesn’t have water access already.

13. Doctor Lawyer

Like many shows, Doctor Lawyer seemed to be destined for success with the star-studded cast. Yet, from the very first episode, outlets deemed the script as mediocre and the storylines as basic. In particular, there were critiques that the finale was lackluster and predictable.

Source: Koreaboo