The Most 'Violent' Beauty With Forcefully Kiss In Korean Dramas - Suzy Bae

The Most 'Violent' Beauty With Forcefully Kiss In Korean Dramas - Suzy Bae
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The most violent beauty in Korean films is called Suzy, every movie takes the initiative to forcefully kiss a handsome boy!

Whether it is Lee Jong Suk or Nam Joo Hyuk, he must stand in front of Suzy's attack.

On the evening of November 7, the burning kiss between Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk in Start-Up episode 7 made netizens in both Korea and the world stir. Suzy fans also pointedly pointed out that in recent love dramas, "beautiful sister" is very active in kissing handsome guys. The action is a bit "shameless" but has contributed to creating extremely romantic moments.

Kiss scene with Lee Jong Suk

"While You Were Sleeping" is a supernatural, romantic film about a girl (Suzy) who has the ability to see unlucky events happening in the future through dreams. Lee Jong Suk plays the role of a macho prosecutor, trying to prevent her nightmares from coming true.

After a series of "missing" hearing, it was not until episode 14 that Suzy and Lee Jong Suk had their first official kiss when she "scented" his lips in front of the house. The kiss is short but extremely cute.

'Forced marriage' with Shin Sung Rok

In the action movie aired at the end of 2019 'Vagabond', Suzy acted with Lee Seung Gi, but the man and woman Shin Sung Rok was the first person to receive a kiss. Once drunk, she confessed and kissed Shin Sung Rok in front of her colleagues. The incident made Suzy extremely confused and did not dare to look at his face.

Kiss scene with first love Nam Joo Hyuk

In episode 7 of Start-Up, where Dal Mi (Suzy) was insulted by her stepfather, Do San (Nam Joo Hyuk) got angry and lost the chance to cooperate with the big boss. However, when Do San apologized to Dal Mi, she was not angry and suddenly kissed him. This is Dal Mi's kiss thanks, which also officially takes the two's relationship to a new level.