Song Hye Kyo Considering Lead Role In Upcoming Drama 'Breaking Up Now'

Song Hye Kyo Considering Lead Role In Upcoming Drama 'Breaking Up Now'

Actress Song Hye Kyo may me making her comeback to the small screen, as she has been offered the lead role in the new drama 'Breaking Up Now'.


An official from the drama industry revealed on November 9 that, "Song Hye Kyo will play Ha Young Eun, the main character of the drama 'Breaking Up Now'."

Responding to the information, on the same day, the actress' agency UAA (United Artists Agency) said, "The drama 'Breaking Up Now' is one of the works that Song Hye Kyo has been offered to star in," adding, "The appearance has not yet been confirmed."

However, this was enough to make many viewers excited as they wait for Song Hye Kyo's return to the small screen.


The drama 'Breaking Up Now' is a sweet, salty, spicy, and sour story about "Break Up" and "Love" at the center of the fashion industry. Song Hye Kyo was offered the role of Ha Young Eun, the leader of a fashion company's design team in the series, a cool-headed realist and clever first-timer She is 38 years old in biological age, but she is still young, beautiful, and sensual because she is thorough in self-care and sensitive to trends in line with her job as a designer.

If the actress accept the role, it will be her comeback to the small screen two years after 'Boyfriend'. As Song Hye Kyo is praised as the "Melo Queen", she is expected to show a delicate emotional role again this time.