Shin Min Ah Shows Special Affection For 'Diva' On Marie Claire

Shin Min Ah Shows Special Affection For 'Diva' On Marie Claire

Shin Min Ah has had a photoshoot and an interview with the magazine Marie Claire ahead of the release of the movie "Diva" and show special affection for the movie.


This year, Marie Claire organized a feature film called "CINEMA DREAM" with actors and directors of works that had already been released or scheduled to be released amid the turmoil caused by Corona19 and interviewed filmmakers who loved and dreamed of the film. Actress Shin Min Ah, who will play a completely different face that she has never shown before, joined the project.


'Diva' goes to the climax as the top diver, Lee Young, gets in a car accident one day with his colleague Sujin, and follows the emotional line of Lee Young, who has returned to life alone. The actress called "Diva" as "my flesh-like work that I participated in with a lot of love," and recalled, "I had to do diving practice and training at the same time as my big emotional performance, so I put a lot of effort into it until its release." She added, "The character's emotional lines are important, but if the diving moves are not real, the character's emotions are completely detached, so it's a work that every actor has worked as hard as possible to get a perfect diving shot."


When asked if there were any changes in her choice or thoughts as an actor while learning to dive and playing an athlete as well as challenging her first thriller in an interview that followed, she said, "I think I'm always working the hardest now," and gave the answer that she has been able to walk steadily so far as an actor. In particular, she laughed, saying, "I enjoyed 'Diva,' and I'm not tired of preparing, practicing and filming, as well as the moments of promotion like this."


Shin Min Ah's more pictorials and interviews are available on the October issue of Marie Claire and on the website.