Mother Of Lee Ji Han, Actor Who Passed In Itaewon Tragedy, Joins Investigation Campaign, Releases Handwritten Letter To Son

Mother Of Lee Ji Han, Actor Who Passed In Itaewon Tragedy, Joins Investigation Campaign, Releases Handwritten Letter To Son

The mother of late actor Lee Ji Han, who lost his life in the October 29 Itaewon tragedy, wrote her son a letter of deep mourning.

She released the contents of the letter to the public through her personal Instagram account after first sharing it at a Democratic Party of Korea ceremony signaling the launch of a signature-collecting campaign for parliamentary and independent counsel probes into the tragedy.

"I'm Ji Han's mom," she said in her Instagram post. "I wrote a letter like this just in case Ji Han could read it somewhere. I wanted to share this with everyone so that an event like this never happens again."

The letter reads as follows:

"Ji Han, ever since you were born, you had a sharp nose and were handsome. You were gentle even in my stomach, so I even touched it to say, 'Is he okay?' When I was raising you, you were so soft and kind that I thought I could raise 20 more people like you.

You worked hard and put in a lot of effort before filming 'Kkokdu's Gye-jeol.' You didn't skip a day of exercise, and I always felt so sad that you were controlling your diet because I used to hear you say so many times, 'Mom, can I eat more of this?' It was finally time for the effort to pay off, and the show was about to air. What a bolt out of the blue. I still can't believe it because what happened is so dumbfounding.

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When I fall asleep holding onto your phone with your picture by my bedside, your mom's heart is pounding because I'm afraid of the sun rising. My first treasure who would say, 'Do you know how much I love you, Mom?' when I'd come into your room and would hold my hand once in a while. How can you go before me? At your funeral, when I saw the hundreds of acquaintances and friends who loved you, I felt even more overwhelmed by the thought 'our Ji Han was living well,' and I didn't want to search for the meaning of life anymore.

I am afraid of the rising sun in the morning, and I am so hungry that I want to sew my mouth shut at the thought of ‘How can I put food in my mouth?’ Ji Han would say, 'I can make money and buy it myself,' because you worried that it would be a burden on your mother if you wanted to buy something. I didn't know you also were also doing volunteer work. They always say 'Do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.' You did such good deeds.

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Should I be thankful for it when police cars and motorcycles escorted your coffin-laden limousine? Or if they had escorted you well in the alley in Itaewon, you wouldn't have had to be escorted when you died. I'm so angry and resentful. I love you, son. I respect you, son. I miss you, son. Good job, son. Can't we see each other again? God, take me instead and return our Ji Han. I beg you. I hope you are doing well there, son, comfortably and painlessly. Mom will follow you someday.

To my treasure, Ji Han. From Mom."

Meanwhile, as previously reported, Lee Jihan, who is also known for his former participation in Mnet's idol survival program "Produce 101 Season 2" died in the recent Itaewon tragedy. He was 25 years old when he passed and was filming 'Kkokdu's Gye-jeol' since last month. His role has since been filled by actor Lee Jung Joon.

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