'Legend' King and the Clown after 15 years

'Legend' King and the Clown after 15 years

The hot stars in King and the Clown that day mostly had and are having a certain place in the entertainment industry. Among them is perhaps the "prince" Lee Jun Ki with top visual for nearly 20 years and "box office king" Yoo Hae Jin.

Aired 15 years ago, King and the Clown has always been one of the best Korean movies worth watching in the past decade. Released in 2005, the film created a big bang with 12.3 million tickets - a record that so far Korean blockbusters still aspire to reach. Not only that, King and the Clown also paved the way for a wave of more open-minded thoughts about love and gender on the big screen. It has been 15 years since the time of the fever, the film's stars are still working hard in art and achieving many remarkable achievements.

Lee Jun Ki


The dual role singing Gong Gil brings a surprisingly fragile beauty, Lee Jun Ki is the soul that makes the film's value. The triangular relationship between Gong Gil and the two men in the movie creates a strange, but also very human, story. Thanks to the outstanding completion of this role, Lee Jun Ki, at that time 23 years old, shot into a star in just one night. Starting from here, he broke the standard of masculine beauty of Koreans, opening a trend of male beauty "prettier than flowers" that has a lasting influence on many generations of idols and young actors today.

During nearly 20 years of his career with many ups and downs, Lee Jun Ki has always been a bee in asserting his real ability. With Lee Jun Ki's popularity and coverage today, few people know, the actor had failed college, worked many jobs to make a living before returning to study acting at the Seoul Academy of the Arts. Before coming to King and the Clown, Lee Jun Ki was quite lackluster through a number of television roles. After causing fever with this film, the actor won over with a series of impressive roles in both television and cinema fronts: Iljimae, May 18, My Girl, … These special roles Not only shows outstanding beauty but also affirms the indisputable talent of the actor.

With many Asian audiences, Lee Jun Ki is most famous probably through Moon Lovers. After years of struggling after demobilization, the "prince" regained the aura when paired with IU in this movie and became a name "guarantee rating" with the Seo Ye Ji. This is once again confirmed through the hit drama 'Flower of Evil'. On the way there, Lee Jun Ki has never been seen giving up and disappointing fans.

Lee Jun Ki's fans are always sobbing with pride about their multi-talented idol. Not only a talented actor, "the prince" is also a beloved idol singer and a top martial artist Hapkido and Taekyon, the trinity of Taekwondo. Despite being talented and famous, despite being in the ranks of the U40s, the 8x star is still quite quiet about her private life after her love affair with actress Jeon Hye Bin and dating suspicion of "national sister" IU.

Yoo Hae Jin


In King and the Clown, Yoo Hae Jin played a small role, being a member of Gong Gil's Royal singing group. These ugly but charming supporting roles are almost a feature of Yoo Hae Jin's career on the big screen. Although he does not possess a "pollen face" appearance, the star born in 1970 always knows how to be impressed by his secret charm, outstanding strength in the dual role.

After years of hard work on the big screen, most of Yoo Hae Jin's works are in the top blockbuster movies with huge sales. And the actor naturally entered the ranks of "box office princes", breaking all the standards that people normally default to in a movie actor. The 7x actor conquered both critics and audiences by his diversity in acting through many hit movies such as The Flu, Veteran, Confidential Assignment, A Taxi Driver, Intimate Strangers, 1987: When the Day Comes. The most outstanding of which is The Pirates, the movie that brought Yoo Hae Jin 4 great awards and became a big name in the movie industry.

The strange "box office king" once caused fever when publicly dating "sexy queen" Kim Hye Soo. The two admitted to falling in love and were openly intimate in front of the press in 2010 after two years secretly dating. However, just a year later, both of them left for the same reason because of their busy schedules that many people regretted. Up to now, the Korean actor is still odd and works hard to release at least one movie a year.

Kam Woo Sung


Unlike Lee Jun Ki, when playing the dual role singing Jang Saeng, Kam Woo Sung is quite familiar with Korean audiences. In the 90s, the actor was known as the gentle, intellectual male lead in many hit dramas such as Hyun-jung, I Love You, Marriage Is a Crazy Thing … and the Clown, a new turning point really came to Kam Woo Sung after 15 pursuing an acting career when he was chosen to replace Jang Hyuk - the star who was being sought at that time.

The role of Jang Saeng was criticized for his wit and strong energy that the actor blows into the character. As a result, Kam Woo Sung favorably won the Best Male Lead at the 2006 Golden Bell Award. Years later, Kam Woo Sung continuously attacked the small screen and was one of the most high-paying entertainers of KBS in 2011.

Jung Jin Young


Jung Jin Young - who plays the brutal king Yeon Sang. The actor born in 1964 is a well-known name known through many films by director Lee Joon Ik before King and the Clown became famous. Not only in the movie segment, Asian audiences also know Jung Jin Young through many great dramas such as The Kingdom of The Winds, Dong Yi, Brain or Love Rain. Up to now, even though he is over 50, the actor is still pursuing art non-stop in both television and cinema.

Kang Sung Yeon


The only female star Kang Sung Yeon - the actress Nok Su, turns 44 this year with a stable career and life. Starting out in 1996, Kang Sung Yeon is not only a talented actor but also sings the soundtrack and released two albums under the stage name Bobo. In 2005, along with the stars of King and the Clown, the actress became more popular and received several leading roles in television after that. Kang Sung Yeon's name is remembered through a series of dramas such as Medical Brothers, New Wise Mother, Good Wife, Tazza, Wife Returns … In addition to acting and music, the actress is also loved through the above poetry reading program. In terms of private life, the multi-talented female artist has a peaceful marriage with her husband, the famous pianist Kim Ga On.

More than 15 years have passed since the hit King and the Clown, every year the cast have a certain place in the profession and are constantly devoted to the arts.