Knet Point Out The Stark Contrast In How Journalists Treated The Dating News Of Song Hye Kyo And Song Joong Ki

Knet Point Out The Stark Contrast In How Journalists Treated The Dating News Of Song Hye Kyo And Song Joong Ki

After the latest Song Joong Ki dating news, many K-netizens have directed their attention to the different ways Korean journalists have released articles regarding Song Joong Ki dating and Song Hye Kyo dating.

One netizen directed attention to how journalists have a negative connotation to the articles they wrote about Song Hye Kyo dating, somewhat villainizing the actress. This is in stark contrast to how journalists are writing rather positive articles about Song Joong Ki's new girlfriend.

Translation: "Song Joong Ki, dating a beautiful woman from Britain..."Continuing good relationship."

"Was Song Hye Kyo not enough?" Another Song Joong Ki dating rumor

"Was Song Joong Ki not enough?" Song Hye Kyo embroiled in dating rumors in her 40s

The netizen created a post in a popular online community and pointed out how Song Hye Kyo is slandered for her dating rumors while there are many other male celebrities who get embroiled in far more dating rumors than she does.

The netizen who created the post also pointed out how Song Joong Ki is receiving support for dating a non-Korean woman but if it was another female Korean celebrity, such as BLACKPINK's Jennie, were to date a non-Korean man, the female star would receive so much backlash.

Other netizens agreed with the original post and commented, "Imagine how much people would have slandered Song Hye Kyo if she showed up at the airport with a foreign man," "What I find ridiculous about people cursing at Song Hye Kyo for being a man-crazed woman, is that she probably isn't even left alone by men. With her face? It's not like Song Hye Kyo threaten those men to date her. I think it would be weird that two good-looking celebrities aren't dating each other after filming together for months," "I agree, female celebrities get negatively impacted more than male celebrities," "Song Hye Kyo does get a lot of malicious comments," and "It's because Song Hye Kyo's dating news was more publicized."

Source: Allkpop