Kim Sejeong’s New K-Drama “Today’s Webtoon” References “Business Proposal”

Kim Sejeong’s New K-Drama “Today’s Webtoon” References “Business Proposal”

Did you notice it?

Earlier this year, K-Pop idol and actress Kim Sejeong (also known as Kim Se Jeong) stole our hearts as Shin Ha Ri in SBS‘s K-Drama Business Proposal, adapted by the webcomic of the same name.

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Kim Sejeong in “Business Proposal."

Now, she is back as the female lead in another webcomic adaptation for SBS. And she is paying tribute to the latter in it.

Kim Sejeong in “Today’s Webtoon.”

Currently, Kim Sejeong stars as judo athlete-turned-Webtoon PD, On Ma Eum in Today’s Webtoon. It is adapted from the Japanese manga series Junhan Shuttai! by Naoko Matsuda.

Once a member of the National Judo Team, On Ma Eum’s (Kim Se Jeong) entire life revolved around the sport. But when a tough match leaves her with a torn ankle ligament, she’s forced to watch as all of her dreams of continuing in the sport crumble around her. With her career as a professional judoka now entirely over, Ma Eum must find a way to pick herself up and move on.

Without any sort of dream to drive her, Ma Eum isn’t really sure what to do next. Taking her first non-sports-related job working in a webtoon editorial department, Ma Eum finds it difficult to adjust. Unable to relate to her co-workers, Ma Eum has trouble fitting in as her life as an athlete has left her a little rough around the edges. Beyond that, the work she’s been assigned just isn’t what she’s used to. Struggling to adapt to her new life, Ma Eum wonders if she’ll ever find a way to be happy again.

Fortunately, with the passing of time and a little help from her co-workers, Goo Jun Yeong (Nam Yoon Su) and Seok Jin Hyung (Daniel Choi), Ma Eum begins to find herself slowly settling into her new life. As the struggles in her life begin to dissipate, Ma Eum finds herself reaching for a new dream. The only question is, will she have the strength she needs to turn that dream into a reality?

— Rakuten Viki’s description for Today’s Webtoon

“Today’s Webtoon” poster.

In Episode 1, we are introduced to On Ma Eum as she works as a food deliverer who enjoys reading Webtoon in her free time. She is offered the opportunity to be security for Neon (the fictional alternative to Naver) Webtoon’s award ceremony.

| SBS via @lavieendramas/Twitter

Upon her arrival, she is met with elaborate displays featuring all her favorite Webtoon characters. As she approaches the display of her favorite Webtoon of all time, NineTailed Fox Princess, viewers may recognize a familiar character…

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Ahn Hyo Seop as President Kang in “Business Proposal.”

Right next to On Ma Eum’s favorite character is a man in a suit that greatly resembles Business Proposal male lead President Kang Tae Moo.

| SBS via @lavieendramas/Twitter

It even has him doing his signature pose of slicking back his hair!


While the webcomic Business Proposal is Tapas (formerly known as Tapastic and originally known as Comic Panda) rather than Webtoon, it’s still more than likely the connection was intended since the K-Dramas are both SBS. Additionally, SBS’s social media is even drawing more connections between Business Proposal and Today’s Webtoon!

You can watch Today’s Webtoon internationally on Rakuten Viki with new episodes every Friday and Saturday.

Source: Koreaboo