3 Times Kim Min Jae Steals Viewer Hearts In “Do You Like Brahms?”

3 Times Kim Min Jae Steals Viewer Hearts In “Do You Like Brahms?”

With only two episodes have been out in the new drama "Do You Like Brahms?" but Kim Min Jae has already taken away the audience's hearts with his handsome face, his charisma and his gentleness.

The main story exposed in "Do You Like Brahms?" is the classical music students' innocent love story, their way to find happiness and chase their own dreams.


Kim Min Jae plays as the world-renowned pianist Park Joon Young, who is the first Korean to win an award at the International Frederick Chopin Piano Competition.

Alongside his talents, Kim Min Jae's personalities are also the deadly arrow to the audience's hearts with his sweet and caring sides. Here are 3 undeniable moments that he truly makes the viewer flutter.

1. When he quietly helps out in a precarious situation

When the conductor kicked out Chae Song Ah (played by Park Eun Bin) in front of the entire orchestra, Park Joon Young knocked his book off the piano in an attempt to divert the conductor’s attention. However, Chae Song Ah was still kicked out, and Park Joon Young later witnessed her in a different uncomfortable situation.


A friend asked Chae Song Ah how their performance went, and to help her avoid any awkward explanations, Park Joon Young jumped in to tell her, “You worked hard today.”

2. When he gives out compliment to raise Chae Song Ah's self-esteem

Regarding her proposal for their ensemble performance, Chae Song Ah commented, “Anyone could write this.” Park Joon Young then responded, “This is impressive. If anyone can write it, does everyone actually do it?” Hearing these encouraging comments had not only made Chae Song Ah smiled from ear to ear but also the viewers.


3. When he shows off his considerate and gentle side

After Chae Song Ah spilled her coffee, Park Joon Young noticed how little she had in her cup. He then decided to switch their coffee cups, then quickly take a sip out of hers in case she protested. Despite not even being a coffee drinker, he also told Chae Song Ah, “I drink it occasionally these days,” so that she wouldn’t feel bad.


Kim Min Jae in this new K-Drama is actually the whole package with the full boyfriend materials: the handsome figures, attractive voice, the sweet and the charismatic character that he portrays, including the way how he treat and fall in love with Chae Song Ah.

Online, viewers have been reacting with comments like “I’ve fallen for Kim Min Jae in just two episodes” and “Joon Young’s subtle consideration makes my heart flutter.”

The next episode of SBS’s “Do You Like Brahms?” airs on September 7 at 10 p.m. KST.