K-Celebrities And Their Unstoppable Passion For Sports

K-Celebrities And Their Unstoppable Passion For Sports

Korean celebrities have a persona of being somewhat on the slim side.

Not only are they slim, but most of them are also considered very "fit" as well. One of the many reasons that they are able to maintain their slim and fit figure is because of the strict diet that they maintain, but many celebrities have a love for sports as well!

Yes, of course, we may have people like Joo Woojae, who absolutely hates working out or sports...

But he's the exception, not the rule. Today, let's take a closer look at some of our favorite Korean celebrities and their sports obsessions! We'll explore why they look so great and why they have such fit figures. From basketball to running, let's find out what sports these stars are passionate about and how they stay in shape!

Red Velvet Yeri - Pilates

In the celebrity world, Yeri is widely regarded as the goddess of pilates. She is determined to not rest on her laurels, but to continue to strive for excellence and become the master of pilates!

Lee Si Young - Boxing

Lee Si Young from Sweet Home has an absolute obsession with boxing, something not common to see from a female celebrity. She thoroughly enjoys the sport and continues to work harder each day!

An Sohee - Flying Yoga

Former Wonder Girls member Sohee has developed a passion for flying yoga. She says she likes it because it helps with blood circulation!

Han Yeri - Modern Dancing

Han Yeri majored in modern dancing, claiming that it enabled her to develop muscle strength, suppleness, and an appreciation for rhythm.

Han Hyejin - Home Training

This can be unofficially dubbed a sport during our COVID era, but model Han Hyejin said that she was able to stay fit during COVID times by making the best use of her tools at home and heavily investing in-home training! It was a great way to get a good workout in the comfort of her own home!

Sistar Dasom - Hiking

Dasom wants to be called a pro-hiker. She regularly takes on hiking as a sport and a leisure activity. She stated that the chicken stew she eats tastes like absolute heaven after a great hike!

Kim Soo Hyun - Bowling

Kim Soo Hyun is an incredibly talented actor, model, and singer, but there's one more thing that he excels at - bowling! He's so passionate about the sport that he even competed in a professional bowling tournament - a testament to his skill and dedication! It's said he regularly averages games scoring over 200.

Yoo Ah In - Alexander Technique

Have you ever heard of the Alexander Technique before? It is a stretching-type exercise that helps to reduce tension in the body and promote relaxation. Recently, Yoo Ah In showcased his passion for the Alexander Technique on the show "I Live Alone."

Okay, obviously we weren't able to cover all celebrities and their sports love, so let us know what you know!

Source: Allkpop