Im Siwan Will Be A Hard-Working Athlete For Upcoming JTBC Romance Drama "Run On"

Im Siwan Will Be  A Hard-Working Athlete For Upcoming JTBC Romance Drama "Run On"

JTBC has released more glimpses of Im Siwan from the upcoming drama “Run On”!

In the new drama, Im Siwan will play the role of Ki Sun Kyum, a former track, and field athlete. He has many years of training in order to keep his eye on the finish line and running towards his goals.

The new stills show his daily activities as an active athlete. He wakes up very early in the morning and builds his stamina for better game performance. He runs diligently to shorten his record time by even 0.001 seconds. His handsome face and fit body seem to light up the room, and it’s completely believable that he played a part in making track and field become a popular sport.

But this isn’t the lifestyle Ki Sun Kyum wanted to have from the beginning. Track and field happen to be the first decision he made for himself. When he ran out of breath, that’s when he would feel most alive. After hearing the pounding of his heart in his ears from running, he felt so exhilarated and decided to become a “man that runs.” His desire to keep up the joy he has found in the sport motivates him to stick to the arduous routine every day. In the midst of keeping up this dedicated lifestyle, an unexpected variant enters his field of vision. This new addition is none other than Oh Mi Joo (Shin Se Kyung), a foreign film translator. Ki Sun Kyum’s calm and simple world is about to be shaken up!

The production team behind “Run On” commented, “To understand the progression of the story, it is important to realize each character’s unique outlook on life and what it offers. In that sense, Ki Sun Kyum’s reason behind becoming a ‘man that runs’ and the way he maintains his athlete lifestyle is connected to his method of protecting something meaningful to him.” They added, “Please look forward to what fateful narrative the two will live out once Oh Mi Joo enters the picture.

Run On” will be a heartwarming drama to keep viewers cozy throughout this upcoming winter. In today’s day and age, people find it difficult to communicate even when they speak the same language. The drama will show how people find a common ground despite these challenges.

“Run On” premieres this December 16 and will air every Wednesday and Thursday.