Coupang Play Responds To The Allegations Made By “Anna” Director Lee Joo Young

Coupang Play Responds To The Allegations Made By “Anna” Director Lee Joo Young

Coupang Play explained why the changes were made.

Amid the controversy over allegations made by the director of K-Drama, Anna, streaming platform Coupang Play released an official statement.

Suzy | Coupang Play

On August 3, Coupang Play released its statement through news outlet OSEN. According to the statement, Coupang Play has supported the director and production staff of the drama from the project’s inception, but the streaming platform learned that the drama’s editing and narration did not align with what the streaming platform and drama’s production company had agreed to.

Coupang Play has supported and trusted the director and production staff of Anna from the very beginning of filming. However, we learned that the editing did not reflect the direction originally agreed upon by Coupang Play, the director and production company. — Coupang Play

Coupang Play then stated that they had asked the director to make changes to the edits but were ignored. It was only then that Coupang Play made an agreement with the production company to make the changes they felt were necessary.

Throughout these past months, Coupang Play has asked the director to make changes, but the director refused these requests. After receiving permission from the production company and by exercising our rights as stated in the contract, we made the changes to reflect the story that was originally agreed upon by the parties, resulting in Anna becoming a success. — Coupang Play

The streaming platform stated that to respect the creative vision of the drama’s director, they would be releasing the director’s cut of Anna once the version has completed receiving its rating by the Korea Media Rating Board.

To respect the director’s direction, as we have already revealed on July 8, we will be releasing all eight episodes of Anna in a director’s cut version in August. The director’s cut will be released once it receives its rating. — Coupang Play

Anna is a drama that was directed by Lee Joo Young that was released exclusively on the streaming platform Coupang Play. The drama received great reviews and was a critical and commercial success.

Kim Jun Han (left) and Suzy (right) | Coupang Play

The drama tells the story of a poor girl (Yoomi) who creates a new identity for herself (Anna) and lies her way to the top of Korea’s social ladder. The drama is a psychological thriller that depicts Yoomi’s struggle to keep her lie from being exposed.

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The drama features Suzy, who received praise for her acting. The drama was seen as a watershed moment for the actress, who had suffered criticism for her acting throughout her career.

Suzy | Coupang Play

Controversy surrounded the drama when the drama’s director, Lee Joo Young, alleged the drama was edited without her approval and that she would take legal action unless Coupang Play apologized and took her name off the credits.

The director has asked that her name be taken off in the credits under director and writer but has been ignored. We asked through a third party for the corrections but have yet to receive word. We ask for an official apology and corrective action from Coupang Play, or we will pursue legal action. — Lee Joo Young’s Lawyer

The controversy thickened when the drama’s editing director, Kim Jung Hoon, gave credence to the director’s allegations.

I was the editing director on Anna. The Anna that I watched on June 24 was not the same drama that the director and I spent sleepless nights working on. — Kim Jung Hoon

Source: Koreaboo