B1A4 Gongchan Dishes On His BL Drama “Unintentional Love Story,” Working With Co-Star Cha Seo Won, And More

B1A4 Gongchan Dishes On His BL Drama “Unintentional Love Story,” Working With Co-Star Cha Seo Won, And More

B1A4’s Gongchan talked about his first-ever BL drama in a recent interview with StarNews!

Gongchan, who debuted in 2011 as the youngest member of B1A4, made his acting debut in 2015 with the web drama “Delicious Love.” He has since appeared in other works like “To My Name” and “Lonely Enough to Love.”

Recently, Gongchan starred in the TVING original series “Unintentional Love Story,” which marked his very first BL (Boys’ Love) drama. “Unintentional Love Story,” which premiered on March 17 and is based on the webtoon of the same name, is a romance drama that tells the story of two men who fall in love for real in a relationship that began with a lie.

Gongchan played the role of Ji Won Young, an employee at a large company who has to seduce the chairman’s favorite ceramic artist. Cha Seo Won took on the role of Yoon Tae Joon, a genius ceramist that suddenly disappeared as if he had been deleted from the world, who later falls in love with Ji Won Young.


On why he decided to star in the drama, Gongchan shared that while he was initially worried about taking on a new genre, those worries disappeared after he read the original story. He explained, “As soon as I got home after being offered the part, I read the original webtoon. I read it from start to finish on the spot.”

“I thought the fans would really like it if it was remade into a drama,” continued Gongchan. “It was different from all the characters I’ve played before. It’s a character who has many different sides to him, in terms of his emotions or how he expresses them. Since it was a character I hadn’t tried before, I wanted to try it.”

Gongchan went on to add that as he developed affection for the character, he began to empathize with him. “Ji Won Young and I share a lot of similarities,” he said. “We’re not good at talking about our pain, and we try to carry our burdens alone.”

On his co-star Cha Seo Won, Gongchan revealed that he had been looking forward to working with Cha Seo Won ever since he first heard about his casting. He went on to share that Cha Seo Won turned out to be just as as gentle and caring as he’d expected, and Gongchan expressed his gratitude to his co-star for leading the set cheerfully and smoothly.

Gongchan UnintentionalLove Story Interview

Gongchan also spoke about his fellow B1A4 members, saying that he relies on them the same way Ji Won Young relies on Yoon Tae Joon in the drama. He noted that it was thanks to his bandmates that he now has a bubbly personality like Ji Won Young’s, explaining, “Originally, I didn’t have much aegyo, but after living with the [B1A4 members], it comes out naturally.”

Gongchan UnintentionalLove Story Interview

Finally, when asked if he feels tired after being active in the industry for 12 years, he revealed, “I’ve never thought of what I’m doing now as work. It’s always fun.”

Meanwhile, “Unintentional Love Story” airs every Friday on TVING.

Source: Soompi