Actor Park Hyung Sik Goes Viral After Reuniting With “Happiness” Co-Star Han Hyo Joo, Making Netizens Swoon With Their Chemistry

Actor Park Hyung Sik Goes Viral After Reuniting With “Happiness” Co-Star Han Hyo Joo, Making Netizens Swoon With Their Chemistry

Is it time for “Happiness” season 2?!

Actor Park Hyung Sik has always stolen the hearts of fans with his visuals and the way he treats everyone he works with. Since making his acting debut, Park Hyung Sik has shined in so many roles but impressed even more with his charming personality and friendship with those he works with.

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In 2021, Park Hyung Sik returned from his mandatory military enlistment. His first project shocked fans after it was revealed he would be starring in the apocalyptic city thriller Happiness.

In the K-Drama, he was playing Jung Yi Hyun. He is a smart and honest detective who, for a long time, has held romantic feelings for the main character Yoon Sae Bom, played by Han Hyo Joo.

Park Hyung Sik (left) and Han Hyo Joo (right)| tvN

Throughout the series, Park Hyung Sik and Han Hyo Joo captured the hearts of netizens with their chemistry on screen. For many, despite time away from K-Dramas, Park Hyung Sik perfectly fitted back into this new role.

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Recently, Park Hyung Sik and Han Hyo Joo reunited when they both attended Chanel‘s recent show for Milan Fashion Week. As expected, the actor looked flawless in a simple but well-tailored suit with gold detailing.

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Aside from his visuals, Park Hyung Sik quickly went viral on social media after seeing his interaction with his former co-star Han Hyo Joo.

In a video shared by a fan on social media that has been watched nearly 900,000 times, Park Hyung Sik reunites with Han Hyo Joo. Yet, as cute as it was, nobody expected the actor to melt everyone’s hearts as he started speaking to her before gently touching her waist.

hyungsik 🐾 (@capsaisikii_) / Twitter

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Han Hyo Joo seemed flustered by the comment but Park Hyung Sik changed topic asking, “Have you finished looking around?” before walking off together.

When the video was released, it melted the hearts of thousands of fans worldwide. In the comments, fans couldn’t get over the duo’s chemistry, especially the movements between them when it looked like she was moving something off his hair and he was touching her waist.

Later, it even seems like Han Hyo Joo is the biggest Park Hyung Sik fan as the actress was caught taking pictures of the actor amongst the press.

Yet, the sweet interactions between the two shouldn’t be surprising. In the past, Park Hyung Sik has been known for his amazing connection with his co-stars, and he even fell in love with Park Bo Young while filming Strong Girl Bong Soon.

Park Hyung Sik (left) and Park Bo Young (right)

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