7 K-Dramas Based On Time Travel To Take You Through The Decades

7 K-Dramas Based On Time Travel To Take You Through The Decades

The concept of time travel has become very popular in series and movies.

Nowadays, the audience is enjoying such shows, and Korean dramas are no less for it. Over time, there have been many K-Dramas based on time travel. With intriguing storylines and characters, these series become a hit among viewers.

If you like watching shows based on time travel, then take a look at these seven interesting Kdramas and add them to your binge list.

Nine: Time Travel Nine Times

Episodes: 20

The drama follows the story of a man who finds nine mysterious incense sticks that allow him to travel back in time. He decides to change past events to better his future, but such actions lead to heavy pay. He faces dire consequences and ends up affecting the lives of many.

Rooftop Prince

Episodes: 20

It’s a kdrama where the lead time travels into the future and not the past. Imagine being from the Joseon era and waking up in the 21st century, and there will a lot to process. Well, this drama handles it well. It is about a Crown Prince and his loyal friends who accidentally travel into the future and ends up on the rooftop of Park-ha's house.


Episodes: 16

When a walkie-talkie connects two people from different timelines, they use it to share information and stop crime from ever happening. This brings a detective from the year 1989 and a cold case profiler from 2015, together. The storyline is a mix of real-life criminal cases and fiction.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Episodes: 20 + 2 specials

This show is not just about a woman accidentally traveling through time but about inhabiting another person’s body. On the day of a total solar eclipse, a 21st-century woman is transported back in time to the Goryeo Dynasty and wakes up in the body of a royal family member. She is caught up in palace politics and the fight among princes for the throne.

Mr. Queen

Episodes: 20

Like the kdrama mentioned above, this one as well deals with a person landing into someone else’s body, but this time it is a male chef from the modern era who ends up in the body of a female, Queen Cheorin, in the Joseon period. The handling of such a storyline should be very careful, and thankfully the drama does a good job with it.


Episodes: 24

A plastic surgeon of the current time finds herself in the Goryeo era after a royal guard brings her there. He desperately looks for help in order to save their injured queen. The warrior starts falling in love with the surgeon.

Go Back Couple

Episodes: 12

A struggling couple with a little son who is facing problems in life, gets a chance to redo their lives. One day both of them wake up as young university students and make different decisions this time. Everything now impacts their lives for the better.

What is your favorite Kdrama based on time travel? Please share with us.

Source: Allkpop