7 K-Actors Who Don’t Age, Like At All

7 K-Actors Who Don’t Age, Like At All

How is it that even with such hectic schedules, lack of sleep, and long filming days, actors never seem to age?

Rather as they age, they tend to look even better than before! So here are seven actors who remain as youthful as when they made their debut years ago!

1. Lee Dong Wook: Born in 1981, at the age of 41, Lee Dong Wook surprises everyone when they figure out that his physical age doesn't match just how young he looks!

2. Song Joong Ki: Song Joong Ki has rightfully earned the title of "baby face," which is a term that many South Koreans use to describe someone who is very youthful looking. No surprise there, just look how radiant his skin is!

3. Gong Yoo: No wonder Gong Yoo fit the role of "Goblin" it's because Gong Yoo himself never seems to age even though he's 43 years old!

4. Song Seung Hun: At the age of 46, Song Seung Hun has absolutely no sign of aging. If anything, now that he's a lot older, there's an air of maturity and sophistication about him in comparison to before!

5. Lee Byung Hun: Despite being in the spotlight for so many years, actor Lee Byung Hun at the age of 52, looks far younger than his physical age!

6. Jo Jung Suk: Maybe it's because he's young at heart, with his jokes and humor, but Jo Jung Suk still gives off early twenties vibes, don't you think?

7. Nam Goong Min: It's always a breath of fresh air to see someone who may be on the older side be able to pull off such energetic roles, and that's exactly what actor Nam Goong Min brings to the screen, especially with his recent drama that wrapped up "One-Dollar Lawyer!"

It's always a wonder how these actors are able to remain youthful, but regardless it's great to see all these actors continue to make their appearance on the screen through great dramas!

Source: Allkpop