5 Things We Love & Hate About The First Episodes Of “Forecasting Love And Weather”

5 Things We Love & Hate About The First Episodes Of “Forecasting Love And Weather”

Valentine’s Day weekend was the perfect timing for the release of the romantic comedy “Forecasting Love and Weather” starring Song Kang and Park Min Young.

With the star-studded cast alone, viewers were already gearing up with high expectations for some heated chemistry. Here are four things we loved and one thing we hated about the first two episodes.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

1. LOVED: Flawless Park Min Young

It’s no secret that when Park Min Young is announced as a lead of a K-drama, people can expect a great script and solid acting. Being a veteran in the industry, her choice in projects are usually very trustworthy, and we can also be sure of the great chemistry between her and the male lead.

In “Forecasting Love and Weather,” Park Min Young plays Jin Ha Kyung, an employee at the Korea Meteorological Administration who is passionate about her job. In the first two episodes, we see the struggles that Ha Kyung is going through, balancing her demanding job as well as her personal life. Although it’s still early, viewers can prepare to see the progression of her becoming a strong career woman as well as finding a partner who can understand her.

2. LOVED: A very happy Song Kang

Song Kang plays Lee Si Woo, a carefree and free-spirited special reporter. He has the uncanny ability to predict the weather precisely, but it often makes other people question his predictions. He takes a liking to Jin Ha Kyung and ends up being a ray of sunshine that helps her through some difficult times throughout the two episodes.

Seeing Song Kang in a very positive and upbeat role is exactly what we needed. It’s the perfect balance to Park Min Young’s character who is more serious and mature. It’s also a testament to Song Kang’s developing versatility as an actor. The past few roles he has taken on have been more on the serious side, which is why seeing him in this light is refreshing and adorable. The evolvement of his character in this series is definitely something to look forward to!

A happy Song Kang is a lovable Song Kang.

3. HATED: The loser ex-boyfriend

I love Yoon Bak. It’s always a pleasure to see him in whatever role he takes on. He captivates in any scene with his charisma and acting skills, and he’s always able to convince viewers into believing his characters. In this particular series, he plays Han Ki Joon, a co-worker and ex-boyfriend of Jin Ha Kyung. The two were engaged and about to get married when he cheated on Ha Kyung with Chae Yoo Jin (Yura), resulting in them calling off the wedding.

On top of the cheating and the lies, Ki Joon tries to take his share of the house that the two of them bought. He also takes several appliances and seems to have no remorse over the pain and shocking betrayal he brings to Ha Kyung. Although he does return the items later on in episode two, it’s still frustrating to see him still in the picture and even married to the woman he cheated on Ha Kyung with.

4. LOVED: The refreshing fight… and slap in the face

When Ha Kyung finally confronts Han Ki Joon in front of the entire office, they are both able to unload past grudges that they had for each other. In an emotionally intense face-off, their fight seems very cathartic and healing for not only the two characters but for viewers as well. Seeing Ha Kyung finally tell him off and hold her ground is especially refreshing because you can feel the frustrations of how awful her ex-boyfriend had been.

The climax of this fight was all too satisfying:

5. LOVED: The anticipating love story

A quick-burn love story between Park Min Young’s and Song Kang’s characters is exactly what was needed for Valentine’s Day weekend. It is adorable seeing how embarrassed Ha Kyung is and how happy Si Woo is the morning after they sleep together. Viewers can look forward to their blossoming romance and seeing a cute Song Kang chasing Park Min Young around like a puppy dog. Here come the butterflies!