4 Rising Male Actors Who Are Dominating Netflix Korea

4 Rising Male Actors Who Are Dominating Netflix Korea

It's exciting to see a new actor and completely mesmerized by him. These actors are becoming the most sought-after actors in the film industry recently.

Korean Dramas are getting more recognition around the world, just like K-Pop, and one of the most important contributors to their popularity, of course, is Netflix, which produces and distributes a number of great series. As a result, the actors who lead these series are also getting more and more famous worldwide.

Below are 4 remarkable male actors who are leaving a strong impression on Netflix users, in no particular order.

1. Ahn Bo Hyun

The past year was a huge step forward in Ahn Bo Hyun's career. Who can forget him as the villain Jang Geun Won in 'Itaewon Class'? Not only did he leave a scary impression on the audience, but everyone was also impressed by the actor's excellent ability to play the evil role.

Before making his acting debut in 2014 in the K-Drama Golden Cross, he was a successful model. Viewers may recognize him from hit K-Dramas like 'Kairos'…

...or 'Her Private Life'.

2. Chae Jong Hyup

Next up is none other than actor Chae Jong Hyeop. Born on May 19, 1993, the rising actor appeared in famous Korean hit drama 'Hot Stove League'…

…and 'Sisyphus: The Myth'.

3. Lee Do Hyun

Lee Do Hyun's first big breakthrough was in the romantic fantasy series 'Hotel Del Luna', where he played 'Go Chung Myung', the past lover of IU.

Last year, he participated in the romantic comedy drama '18 Again' and made his name known for his impeccable acting.

He then gained even more popularity with the Netflix's original series 'Sweet Home', a massive hit that even ranked #3 on Netflix US!

4. Song Kang

You've been waiting for him, haven't you? In fact, no on fits this list more than Song Kang, as he is just everywhere on Netflix. Born on April 23, 1994, Song Kang is widely acknowledged for the hit drama 'Love Alarm', where he played the lovely Sunoh (and, yes, we still haven't moved on from that bitter ending for him

Song Kang also starred as the main character of Netflix's hit show 'Sweet Home', together with Lee Do Hyun.

And most recently, he transformed into a ballerino 'Chae Rok' in tvN's 'Navillera'. What a flexible actor!