Many women think that short hairstyles are a shortcut to help the face look younger and more trendy. This is absolutely true, especially in the past few years, when many Taiwanese and Korean female stars have tried and proven the advantages of a short hair – their visuals become more luxurious and attractive.

If you want to have a short haircut, you need to think carefully to choose the most suitable hairstyle. Here are some of the outstanding short hairstyles loved by Asian female stars in 2020 that you can take into consideration.

Straight bob


Not only girls in their twenties but Taiwanese stars in their 30s are also fascinated with this short haircut. Take a look at Ariel Lin, it can be said that the advantage of a straight bob is that it gives you a youthful, eye-catching and quite charismatic appearance. Hairstylists believe that the straight bob is perfect for a round face, creating a sense of harmony and slimness. For girls who like to stand out, you should choose this haircut.

Blunt bob with bangs

Although not everyone can slay this hairstyle, it is still enthusiastically promoted by idols – the very simple reason is because it shows a sense of “difference”. Think about BLACKPINK Lisa’s 2020 hairstyle, which is both sweet and cool.


Lob haircut

If you are afraid that your short hair is too boring, you can learn from Seo Ye Ji and Jeongyeon (TWICE) and get yourself a lob haircut. This hairstyle suits many face shapes and helps you become more elegant. Also, for girls with round faces, it can effectively help your face look slimmer.


Short bob with wispy bangs

Taiwanese star Janine Chang is a good model for this very “playful” hairstyle here – the actress looks refreshing, more impressive. According to the experts, this short hairstyle is a secret weapon that girls cannot ignore in 2020. The advantage of this hairstyle is that it helps the face look less round – thinner.