In the Korean entertainment industry, both BLACKPINK Jisoo and Suzy are famous for their beautiful and fragile beauty. The two also have a close relationship with the Dior fashion house and often wear the luxurious brand’s outfits.


Recently, these two beauties had a clash when they used scarfs as a top. Everyone can show off a hot body, but their charisma and style still have a significant difference.

In the Ice Cream music video recently released, Jisoo has changed a lot of different styles, her image is somewhat cool and personality, different from the sweet and pure look so long ago.


Taking Dior scarf as a shirt, mixing it with jeans, Jisoo showed off her sexy blue straps while bringing a feeling of youth and personality.


This design was also featured in Suzy’s photo series not long ago.


“Nation’s first love” mixes shirt with a leather skirt, boots with high collar, wear a mane with an arrogant veil.


Suzy does not use too many accessories, her makeup focuses on powerful red lipstick.

Same design, but if Jisoo brings a youthful feeling when mixing clothes with jeans, use many outstanding accessories; As for Suzy, she gives a feeling of a classic lady when she mixes her shirt with leather skirt and doesn’t use too many sophisticated accessories.