Seulgi showed off her sophisticated all-black luxury fashion from head to toe with a value of 4121 million won.

On the afternoon of April 13, the Red Velvet sub-unit Irene & Seulgi attended the online Soribada awards ceremony and shone.


That day, the singer appeared in a black miniskirt designed with piercing lines and racing tracks. She wears a belt and sandals to create long legs. The singer created the natural curly hairstyle, which combines gold and diamond jewelry and completes the magnificent style.

All the products that Seulgi wore were ‘Painful Lui‘. The cost of a dress, straps, and shoes totals 7.23 million won. In particular, the ring and earrings worn by Seulgi are 4.42 million won, 8.21 million won and the bracelet is 21.35 million won. At the awards ceremony, Seulgi’s bodywear alone was over 40 million won.


On the other hand, the sub-unit girl group has received a lot of love from this summer with the new song ‘Monster’ and ‘Naughty’. Red Velvet received the music award in 2020 at the Soribada Awards. Besides, Irene and Seulgi will perform a special performance at an event hosted by the American media ‘Time 100‘ as a special performer.