The famous fairy tale writer Seo Ye Ji in “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” and ‘ManwolIU in “Hotel Del Luna” interested viewers for similarities in their characters. 


‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’ has just aired 2 episodes, and the main actress Go Moon Young ( Seo Ye Ji ) has caused online community fever due to her cool and charismatic image combined with the completely convincing acting. Watching the drama for 2 episodes, we can see that the actress has some similarities with Jang Man Wol (IU) in the drama “Hotel Del Luna”.

The paintful past leading to insensitivity to the world.

Jang Man Wol was punished to be a hotel owner for being a criminal in the past, receiving souls before they went to the afterlife. She hugged the pain of being betrayed by her lover, and the terrible death of her best friend. But within her still a righteous heart, willing to help the souls to neutralize their resentment before completing the missions and leaving this world.


Go Moon Young( Seo Ye Ji) is just a normal person but has a similarity in the characteristic with Jang Man Won. She is an anti-social person, doesn’t know how to love and show her love for someone. She has a strange manner that makes everyone around her to become uncomfortable. All these things are from the sorrowful childhood past of the main actress. But the interesting thing is that a person who had post-traumatic stress disorder is a famous fairy-tale writer. The stories she has written is about a beautiful witch, terrible nightmares, and the ways to overcome.


Big-sister style compared with the main actors.

The trend of “female power” has been strongly invading the small screen of Korea as more and more female leads “dominate” the male character and become the center of the story –  the most important subject of the whole movie. Hotel Del Luna is a story about Man Wol’s last journey of pain. On that journey, she meets Goo Chan Sung (Yeo Jin Goo), who can make her thrilled again. At first, she only saw Chan Sung as a manager, told him to show his strength, and at the same time expressed his “superior” attitude. Later, Chan Sung gradually helped her heal with her sincerity and honesty.


To ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’, Moon Young was also in the “top” from the beginning compared to the male lead Moon Kang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun). With a higher social position, arrogant to do whatever she likes, she wants to “catch” the main. Kang Tae is a person with too much anxiety so he cannot love, and Moon Young doesn’t know how to love. He is the one who will teach her how to love and know what emotions are.


Both couples have a similarity when the main actors and actresses had relations in the past. Man Won knew Chan Sung in his previous life, and Kang Tae met Moon Young when they were little children. Kang Tae fell in love with her but had no way to come to her close.

Overwhelming charisma turns everywhere into a ‘catwalk’

Not only the pain of the past but the style of IU and Seo Ye Ji from makeup to costumes also brings a clear sense of similarity. Because both are similar in image type, actors are about the same age and placed in the atmosphere of the film, the film colors have similarities so it is easy to relate to each other. This did not make anyone complain, because the audience simply benefited from watching the two turn everywhere into a “catwalk” with their unique outfits.