Red Velvet Joy has shared her own tips to have nice hair in recent beauty pictorial of fashion magazine COSMOPOLITAN.

On August 20, fashion magazine COSMOPOLITAN announced the beautiful photo of Joy (Red Velvet).


This press has been photographed for a special cover on the occasion of Cosmodoltan’s 20th anniversary. In the published pictorials, the singer showed off her dense hair and showed off her seductive and dignified beauty.

The secret to having outstanding healthy hair during the photoshoot of Joy is: “Stay loyal to the basics. It’s my motto. I try to massage my scalp and do a hair pack in my spare time. If you keep doing it every day, you’ll see that it’s getting better little by little“. She stressed the importance of basic hair management in everyday life, answering: “If you keep working every day, you will see it get better little by little“.


On the other hand, Joy’s (COSMOPOLITAN) artwork and more about Joy ‘s hair tips can be viewed in the September issue.