Joy from girl group Red Velvet has released another fascinating pictorial in collaboration with fashion magazine ARENA, in which she talked about various thing about herself.


In the latest pictorial, which was conducted under the concept of “Adventures in Search of Joy” in the “Forest of Night”, Joy showed off her vivid and splendid charm with colorful outfits. It is said that Joy passionately expressed her innocent and sometimes seductive facial expressions and poses during the shoot, and the staff at the scene was in awed and praised her for every cut.


In a series of short interviews after the photoshoot, Joy shared, “I’m called a passionate person among the members. When I feel something, I run towards it. We have a competitive side.” She then added, “When I’m on stage, I try to be a speaker in Red Velvet’s songs. I feel the importance of the stage and enjoy my work. I think I’m at the right age, not too young, not too old. I try to love myself, and now I’m happiest.”


Red Velvet Joy’s full pictorial, as well as the complete text of her honest interview, can be found in the October issue of Arena Homme Plus.