Toner has the ability to remove the dirt and sebum left over after you wash your face, helping to tighten the pores and prevent acne. It also help to balance the pH level and cushion the following skincare steps. Park Min Young once shared that she never skipped applying toner during her skincare routine. So, what is her way of using toner?

Step 1: Wash your face

Before using toner, you need to wash your face thoroughly to remove the dirt and sebum on the skin surface. Massage gently from 30 seconds to 1 minute, avoiding vigorous scrubbing, which damages the skin and may cause infections and dermatitis.


Step 2: Apply toner

In this step, you can pour the toner into your hands and then apply directly on your face, or apply a sufficient amount of toner on a makeup remover pad, then gently apply on your face. This helps to remove dirt and bacteria from deep inside the pores, making the skin clear, thus significantly reducing acne.

Step 3: Gently slap your skin

This will help the water molecules go directly to the surface of the skin, making nutrients penetrate faster and more effectively. In addition, patting your face daily also helps increase skin elasticity and prevent the aging process.

Note when using toner

Choose toner that suits your skin

Choosing the wrong toner will make your skin’s condition worse. For those with dry skin, choose toners that are able to moisturize and increase skin elasticity, and especially avoid using toner containing alcohol because they will make the skin dry and irritated.


Meanwhile, girls with oily or acne-prone skin should prefer toners that can clean and exfoliate, helping to remove the remaining dirt and lubricant on your skin, shrinking the pores, reducing acne.

Apply moisturizer after using toner

Not applying moisturizer after using toner is one of the most damaging mistakes that many girls make. According to skin experts, applying toner only helps the skin balance its moisture and cleanse the skin. Therefore, using toner alone will not be really effective for the skin. Therefore, you should apply moisturizer after using toner to have smooth skin!

That is what Korean beauty Park Min Young shared. Why not try her ways of using toner now in your daily skincare routine?