A hip and bright photoshoot of MAMAMOO has been released in collaboration with the 2020 F/W athleisure wear brand, ANDAR.


MAMAMOO in the pictorial catches the eye and completes the concept really well by forgetting their usual charisma for a while and showing their cheerful charm and healthy beauty without filters.

The four wear brightly colored ANDAR clothes and give off a variety of poses and charm. Their faces, with the look of being surprised at something, make you smile as if you were watching a drama. Through this pictorial, MAMAMOO’s healthy beauty and positive energy are delivered to make viewers feel pleasant.


Then, wearing ANDAR’s face mask, MAMAMOO exudes a completely different vibe. In particular, the four members’ charms are conveyed through their eyes in the photo. Hwasa automatically attracts viewers with a “provocative stare”, while Moonbyul with a “cool-pretty charisma”, Solar with “sexy and intense eyes” and Wheein with her “dreamy aura.”


“As we showed MAMAMOO’s healthy and bright beauty through the pictorial, we will show the other charms of MAMAMOO, an honest and confident icon, through the next collaborative content to be released,” said an official of the brand.